Failures Of The Crusades Essay

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The Crusades- “ History’s most successful failures ”

During the time period of 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, the Muslim force expand massively and rapid around the continent of Europe, pluming the people of multiple nations including the Holy Land of Jerusalem into the worshipping of the religion of Muslim. During this time is when the Crusades were introduced and appear as the holy expeditions. The Crusades were destine to create a successful mark on history, which then over 100 years they did, marked their mark as the history’s most successful failure.

The Crusades were a series of military missions, usually organized and promoted by the Pope and/or Roman Catholic Church. The crusades took place through the 11th and 13th centuries
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The Crusade had taken over lands and slaughter many but it was that they were unable to hold Levant, and all conquests were reversed back into the hands of Muslims. Every Crusader kingdom was eventually overrun and cased to exist. Therefore, the military control of the region ended in a failure. The religious “liberation” of Jerusalem from the hand of Muslims was not accomplished. While catholic Christians gained control of the region, they were not successful in converting the local citizens. Catholic Church could be seen as a denomination that was catering hordes of pilgrims from Europe and the invading soldiers. Other Christian denominations were often hostile toward Rome, especially Greek Orthodox Church after 1204. Crusaders did not eliminate Islam in that region and often followed local laws and customs to maintain the delicate balance of power. The failure was also cost by many of their leaders were from different European nations and they brought their own distrust and envy with them, resulting argument and create conflict along the crusade While the language barrier between the leaders could be relatively easily overcome using Latin or French, for the common soldiers it was still a problem that added to the friction between the factions on crusade. The Crusades also have resulting …show more content…
The Crusade were a major failure but it was a big success in economic. The result of the Crusades had open many trade with outside world, lead in many product and values that weren’t not seen by the European before. Crusades were a great economic impulse to European economy. It put a great emphasis in organization and execution of very large projects that involved many states. The fleet was expanded to carry masses of people into extend that was not seen since the fall of Rome. The Crusades at the very end were a major bright success and also was devastating chaotic failure, and now is known by us as the “History Most Successful

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