European High Middle Ages Essay

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European High Middle Ages
The European High Middle Ages, lasted from about 1050 to 1300. This period evokes, for many individuals, sentimental, romantic images of knights in shining armor, elegant castles, and astonishing cathedrals. And to many people, the word medieval wrongly suggests, simply, an intermission between the classical period of the Greek and Roman civilizations and the Renaissance, something in which they do not find important to the evolution of history. On the contrary, the High Middle Ages was a dynamic period that shaped the entirety of European identity and development. Many of the basic socialization, political patterns, and institutions are associated with this period in European history. Between 1000 and 1300, there
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Building on the economic strength of towns and trade, the individual rulers of Europe developed competent bureaucracies to govern their land, as is evident in the increased use of written legal documents. The power of these new rulers was limited, by people such as the aristocracy, townspeople, and the church, all of whom were concerned with the law being fair and just. Medieval rulers did not have absolute power; rather their job was to develop relationships amongst the aristocracy, the towns, and the church, in order to accomplish political tasks. Even while the kings were centralizing their power, new representative assemblies laid down the main roots of government. Often conflicts between these different sources of authority gave rise to new political theories and laws. Although ultimately unsuccessful, the arguments made on both sides of the debate helped define the boundaries of political authority for both church and government.
The Middle Ages were marked by the diversification and growth of the economy and society and by the social tension, political problems, and religious conflicts. These developments led to creative new approaches in artistic expression, legal theory, and philosophical theories. The dynamic, lively culture that emerged from medieval European economy,

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