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  • The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On Western Europe

    The Industrial revolution was the precursor to many things that we now see as commonplace in our modern, globalized economy. In the western world, commodity prices plummeted while profits rose, and production and real wages climbed hand in hand. While many have decried the industrial revolution for exploiting the working class, citing grotesque accounts of childhood labor as well as strenuous and long working hours, empirical data shows us today that is a rather unfounded notion when discussing the West. However, many eastern nations did not enjoy the same objective and sociological advances, such as a rise in incomes and longer life expectancies. In fact, one could say that the Industrial Revolution, the engine of the rise of the West, played…

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  • Immigration Crisis In Western Europe

    leading a great number of immigrants to Europe. They must suffer through the long and difficult trek from the Middle East to Western Europe and still risk being deported once they reach their goal. With larger masses arriving each day, Western Europe faces the decision of integrating the immigrants into their countries or turning them away and blocking their borders. Both decisions have grand economic, social, and political implications in those countries. As the immigration crisis in Europe…

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  • Economic Changes In Western Europe Essay

    During the era between 500 and 1500, economic and social continuities and changes impacted Western Europe immensely after the fall of Rome, which inspired great change throughout the region, a negative impact known as the Dark Ages. Following the Crusades, the main result was the restoration of commerce, including the economic alteration of decline of feudal manoralism, prevalent in the early medieval era and the rising urbanization offering plebeians greater social flexibility and created…

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  • Changes, Continuities And Conflicts Between Western Europe, Africa, And The Americas

    this resulted in new contacts between Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas. These countries formed a triangle of trade that created changes and continuities over time in society and the economy. From 1492 to 1750 societies and economies changed as a result of new Atlantic world contacts western Europe created a social gathering place, African women gained more jobs that were previously the job of men, African women entered into polygamist marriages, slave trade increased in volume form…

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  • Absolutism In Western Europe

    year of publication, Western Europe was in the middle of a cultural and intellectual revival known as the Renaissance. An integral component of Renaissance thinking was “natural law”, a moral code applicable to all human beings regardless of social status. Natural law contrasts sharply with absolutism, a form of government in which the ruler has complete governing control over a population and can legislate regardless of the people’s interests. The text appears to be a response to absolutism in…

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  • The Black Death In Western Europe

    The Black Death is one of the common names for the horrendous plague that swept through most of Europe in the 14th century AD. It is a common belief that this disease was carried by rats and was transmitted by even coming into close proximity with an individual who was infected by this deadly plague. This troublesome time affected many of the people in Europe, and left it drastically changed. The Black Death had a lasting effect on the Western world and created difficulties for the people who…

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  • Difference Between Industrial And Industrialization

    The Industrial Revolution changed more than industry. Industrialization is the process of a country or nation relying on manufactured goods rather than agricultural ones. From the mid eighteenth to early nineteenth century, an industrial explosion occurred. This was the Industrial Revolution. It began in Britain with the expansion of coal and textile industries. This spread throughout western Europe and areas of North America and lead to a trend of manufacturing goods. By the twentieth century…

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  • Heretical Groups

    The persecutions of marginal groups that occurred in Europe from the 10th through the 13th century were some of the most influential events to occur in Western Christendom. These events not only influenced the history of many ethnic and religious groups but also influenced the rise of influential bodies of power such as the Roman Catholic Church which would go on to be one of the most powerful bodies in Europe. However, the causes that led to these occurrences are a matter of dispute. Through…

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  • Western Human Advancement

    There is a lot of confusion about why did it take human beings almost 2000 years to apply the use of steam power to create rotary motion in the form of a spinning ball driven by the pressure generated by steam that was described by Heron of Alexandria into a practical, functioning steam engine? People only started to apply this basic principle after the industrial revolution in England. The Industrial Revolution has been an overall wonder, in any event in so far as it has happened in every one…

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  • Differences Between Roman Empire And Western Europe

    to rule the land, causing lack of communication throughout the land, in addition to internal conflict. The once Roman Empire split into 2 parts: Eastern and Western Europe. Between 476 and 1200 C.E. in Europe, the Eastern Empire started to slowly thrive and flourish due to the access of trading routes, whereas Western Europe undergoed chaos and more invasions, caused by the lack of political unity. The Schism of 1054 caused the churches to split, because of different beliefs of who should be the…

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