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  • Roman Influence On Western Europe

    The Roman Empire did things that no other empires have been able to do. Five hundred years of economic prosperity, cultural influence, and military dominance caused many to think that Rome was invincible. However, the inevitable prevailed for Rome. At the turn of the fourth and fifth centuries, we see the fall of the Western Roman Empire in Europe, replaced by the numerous Germanic tribes surrounding the borders to the North. This set the stage for what would become of Europe and set the informal beginning for what we would call the Middle Ages. But did the once mighty Roman influence in Europe come to a bitter end with the sack of Rome in 476, or did their influence run in continuity with the cultural themes arising within the early medieval…

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  • The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On Western Europe

    The Industrial revolution was the precursor to many things that we now see as commonplace in our modern, globalized economy. In the western world, commodity prices plummeted while profits rose, and production and real wages climbed hand in hand. While many have decried the industrial revolution for exploiting the working class, citing grotesque accounts of childhood labor as well as strenuous and long working hours, empirical data shows us today that is a rather unfounded notion when discussing…

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  • Decline Of Feudalism In Western Europe

    Life in Europe before the exploration of the “New World” was making no progress toward expanding themselves economically or intellectually. Europe had many withdraws from world affairs due to feudalism, causing europe to be excluded, as well as the downfall to their education and trading. With Trading routes providing posts that would earn city-states the wealth and power to purchase their freedom from feudal lords the feudal system began to fall. The decline of feudalism in Western Europe…

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  • Immigration Crisis In Western Europe

    leading a great number of immigrants to Europe. They must suffer through the long and difficult trek from the Middle East to Western Europe and still risk being deported once they reach their goal. With larger masses arriving each day, Western Europe faces the decision of integrating the immigrants into their countries or turning them away and blocking their borders. Both decisions have grand economic, social, and political implications in those countries. As the immigration crisis in Europe…

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  • Western Europe In The 14th Century

    Beginning in the 14th century, ending the 19th century, for about 500 years, Europe had control of 84% of all civilization in the world (Hoffman). Europe had controlled much of Asia, much of Africa, and North as well as South America. It is very openly questioned as to how Europe became so powerful, due to the fact that Europe was a small continent. In response, there are many debates that explain how this process happened, however, there were three crucial things that the Europeans had which…

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  • Economic Changes In Western Europe Essay

    During the era between 500 and 1500, economic and social continuities and changes impacted Western Europe immensely after the fall of Rome, which inspired great change throughout the region, a negative impact known as the Dark Ages. Following the Crusades, the main result was the restoration of commerce, including the economic alteration of decline of feudal manoralism, prevalent in the early medieval era and the rising urbanization offering plebeians greater social flexibility and created…

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  • Changes, Continuities And Conflicts Between Western Europe, Africa, And The Americas

    this resulted in new contacts between Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas. These countries formed a triangle of trade that created changes and continuities over time in society and the economy. From 1492 to 1750 societies and economies changed as a result of new Atlantic world contacts western Europe created a social gathering place, African women gained more jobs that were previously the job of men, African women entered into polygamist marriages, slave trade increased in volume form…

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  • Women In Western Europe

    Women are still fighting for equality today but during the 1920s it was a pivotal time because both the West and the Union in war needed women to be educated and take over men’s jobs while they were away at war. Like mentioned in previous posts, the world wars seemed to be what pushed women more towards independence and higher acknowledgement (at least better than before). In Western Europe women seemed to earn the right to be treated better and they fought for it including the right to vote.…

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  • Absolutism In Western Europe

    year of publication, Western Europe was in the middle of a cultural and intellectual revival known as the Renaissance. An integral component of Renaissance thinking was “natural law”, a moral code applicable to all human beings regardless of social status. Natural law contrasts sharply with absolutism, a form of government in which the ruler has complete governing control over a population and can legislate regardless of the people’s interests. The text appears to be a response to absolutism in…

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  • The Bubonic Plague In Western Europe

    The Black Plague resulted the death of an estimated 25 to 60 percent of Europeans. The Black Death spread through Western Europe between 1348 and 1349. It was called the plague because it killed more people than anything before. The Black Death led to many changes one of them being that farmland was not used which reduced the output of food. Another change was that the demand for labor rose. The Black Plague spread through Europe from 1347 to 1351. It was called a plague because it killed…

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