Westminster system

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  • The Westminster System

    The British Empire was once the largest empire the world had ever seen. It was thanks in part to the adoption of a strong, organized form of government. The Westminster system is one of the most prominent systems of government globally thanks to the now defunct empire’s far-reaching influences. The system of a bicameral parliament, which is what the Westminster system is, represents every citizen’s voice, but that is not necessarily the case. Many of the countries that impose this system of government have attempted to amend the system; such is the case with the United Kingdom and their House of Lords, as well as the elected Senate in Australia. This is not the case with one of the empire’s former colonies in particular. From its outset, there…

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  • The Westminster System And The Westminster Model Of Government

    New Zealanders are affected on a daily basis by the decisions the government makes. These decisions are made through a particular protocol that occurs within our parliamentary system (New Zealand Parliament 2014). This parliamentary system is embodied in constitutional law, and as a formal legal structure, it displays information in regards to the relationship between the three main branches of government. These three main branches are the judiciary (applies, sometimes makes law), the executive…

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  • New Political Governance In Westminster System Case Study

    Aucoin, P. (2012). New Political Governance in Westminster Systems: Impartial Public Administration and Management Performance at Risk. Governance, 177-199. This article analyzes the increasing political pressures in four parliamentary systems, which include Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand. It looks at pressures from mass media, transparency in the government, more in depth audits, increased political competition and political restrictions in the electorate. The article then…

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  • Canada Prime Minister

    the role of the nation’s leader has changed. While the prime minister is elected by the people to govern at the helm of Canada, “the excessive centralization of executive powers by the prime minister can damage good democratic government”. In our Westminster-style government, the power vested within the prime minister has become somewhat absolute, with too much control over the House of Commons. Over time, numerous factors have contributed to the decline of responsible government and the rise…

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  • The Canadian Senate: Chamber Of Sober Reflection By David C. Docherty

    David C. Docherty’s (2002) scholarly journal: The Canadian Senate: Chamber of Sober Reflection or Loony Cousin Best Not Talked About, responds to the continual controversy and debate of the usefulness of the Canadian senate. Docherty’s (2002) article analyzes the current Canadian senate and argues that the senate is a failing Canadian institution because of two democratic deficiencies: the undemocratic nature of senator selection and the inability of senators to represent provinces properly.…

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  • Deborah Stone's Cost-Benefit Analysis

    ignored by stakeholders. Consequently, when deciding on a normative lens, the study of House of Commons committees should rely on Deborah Stone’s polis model specifically because of its focus on realpolitik instead of the idealism rejected in the introduction. While her polis model is incorporated throughout, this section provides a more rigorous defence, ideally topical, and applies her model of social constructionism through first defining the relative contrast, identifying the positivist…

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  • Importance Of The Westminster System In New Zealand

    about the Westminster model in New Zealand. There has been a significant change in the Westminster model since it was established since 1840 after British settlers brought the Westminster model to New Zealand. The key principle changes include mixed member proportional(MMP), multi-party system, coalition government and change in executive power. Although these are only just some of the significant changes that have had an impact on the Westminster model of government in New Zealand. The New…

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  • Essay On Prime Minister Questions

    Every Wednesday, current Prime Minister, David Cameron, meets in the House of Commons for half an hour to answer questions from Members of Parliament. These questions are meant to address current events both international and domestic, and have come to be known as Prime Minister Questions (PMQs). All Members of Parliament must write their questions for the Prime Minister on the Order Paper several days prior to the PMQs. Once submitted, the questions are then sorted through, scrambled, and…

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  • The Validity Of The Act Of Parliament In The UK

    east-west rail link across Central London. Then subject to the Parliamentary Procedure such as standing committee, 2nd Reading, Select Committee, Committee Stage, Report Stage, 3rd Reading, House of Lords and Royal Assent. 3. Advantages -It is a complete procedure which allows the bill to be debated, scrutinised and amended. -It is democratic as the members in House of Commons are elected by general public and they involve in major part of the law making process. -The Parliament Acts 1911 and…

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  • Parliament And Old Parliament Essay

    when the Prime Minister is temporarily unavailable. Minister for foreign affairs: Julie Bishop (Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party) Role: As the Minister for foreign affairs, Julie Bishop oversees the nation’s foreign affairs. Treasurer: Scott Morrison Role: The treasurer has a very important job. Scott Morrison is a main part of the financial policy of Government. He is responsible for many things including expenses, profits etc. Attorney General: George Brandis Role: The Attorney General is…

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