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  • Research Paper On Breastfeeding

    primary ways to feed an infant; breastfeeding, bottle and formula and wet nursing. Breastfeeding through time has remained the medically preferred method of infant feeding. (1) For as long as breastfeeding has been around, bottle feeding has been in existence as well. 4000 years old clay pots have been found from ancient civilizations. “Europeans around the time of the Renaissance outfitted cows ' horns with leather nipples, while small vessels with elaborate china patterns or crafted in pewter or silver were used in the 18th and…

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  • Disadvantages Of Breastfeeding Essay

    Increased cognitive development and reduced risks of childhood obesity are several benefits breastfeeding accompanies that formula-feeding lacks. Absence of breastfeeding may also result in heighten risks for both mother and child. Unfortunately, some mothers are inadequate to breastfeed. Experts suggest wet nursing as the primary alternative, but mothers should also be weary of health concerns followed by the inability to breastfeed. Ultimately, the decision of feeding one’s child resides in…

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  • Examples Of Liability And Liability In Healthcare

    entities to impose organizations and management of healthcare industries with regulations (Dunn 136). With many healthcare organizations closing because of these growing indictments it has been ever so important for policies, ethics, and practices to be perfect. Negligence is another topic in the healthcare field that is very important and requires full attention and detail to avoid this. Negligence is defined as ones actions or lack of actions that may cause injury or death (Dunn 116). In the…

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  • Safety Dilemmas In The Case Of Mildred's Privacy

    the patient’s privacy. When the doctor goes to Mildred’s house, the caregiver packs Mildred’s bags for her and goes through her stuff. At the hospital while the nurses were changing Mildred, the doctor walked in with the curtain wide open. The nurse yells out that Mildred wet the bed and she needs help changing the sheets. The ward told Mildred’s daughter that her mother could not talk and when her daughter asked what else was wrong with her he said he could not give out information over the…

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  • Lack Of Skills And Knowledge In Nursing Study

    Operational definition: Lack of skills & knowledge evidenced by the inability to make an inaccurate assessment and nursing diagnosis is associated with low adherence in nurses. The nurse participants in this study cited another factor that may lower adherence to standard precautions of infection; lack of skills & knowledge which lead to the inability to make a diagnosis and inaccurate assessment lead to low adherence. The following quotations illustrate this finding: “Knowledge deficit: failure…

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  • Case Analysis Paper

    resident fell? Personnel to be interviewed Administrator: What procedure, policies, and personnel do you believe influenced the increase in falls this year? What personnel, procedure, or equipment have been modified within the facility within the last year? Is there a specific fall prevention method in place? Is this method easily access and visible to staff? Is there a system to identify staff 's training needs? Could the administrative, policies, and procedures use improvement and where?…

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  • Catheter Research Paper

    flexible and moves easily with the patient’s blood vessels. The PICC is inserted into the patients arm around the antecubital area also referred to as the bend of the arm. The catheter is transported through the vein until it reaches the Superior Vena Cava where medications are then deposited. There are two types of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters: 1. Groshong: This kind of PICC “self-seals.” It does not require a clamp due to the slit that opens in the end of the tubing and allows fluid…

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  • Why Is Florence Nightingale Important To Nursing

    The Lady with the Lamp The air is putrid; the moans of dying soldiers fill the room, the ground on which they lay upon— cold and wet. When it seems like there is no hope for survival, a faint light appears in the distance. The light that heals wounds and cares for the soldiers like no other— the light of “The Angel of the Crimea” (“Florence Nightingale” Bio) or popularly know as Florence Nightingale. Born into a rich British family, Nightingale strayed from her promising future of wealth and…

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  • Watson Metaparadigm Analysis

    She views the person as a unique individual, who is free to make own decision and choices, and cannot be separated from his/her situation or the environment. Watson views a person as a whole, who cannot be reduced to parts. Her person embodies both a nurses and a patient; she highlighted that caring is not only for the individual- the patient, but also for the nurse herself. Self –care means the ability to take care of oneself and nurture oneself. In addition, she emphasized that a person…

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  • Nursing Room-Personal Narrative

    computers on the right. 7:53: Someone is watching the news to my right, and has the sound really loud. I’m probably 100 feet away and I can hear it clearly. There is a nurse doing a check up on At least I think that’s what the magazines are. My eyesight is so bad, I never know anymore. I like this one nurse, she’s very nice. It’s so surprising that a small move can make such a big change! I thought they were playing AC DC but now that my ears have adjusted it’s obviously the news.…

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