Safety Dilemmas In The Case Of Mildred's Privacy

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There were many errors seen in protecting the patient’s privacy. When the doctor goes to Mildred’s house, the caregiver packs Mildred’s bags for her and goes through her stuff. At the hospital while the nurses were changing Mildred, the doctor walked in with the curtain wide open. The nurse yells out that Mildred wet the bed and she needs help changing the sheets. The ward told Mildred’s daughter that her mother could not talk and when her daughter asked what else was wrong with her he said he could not give out information over the phone. He already gave out information and he went against what he said was the “hospital policy”. Also, the doctor said it was okay if her caregiver signed the consent form since Mildred is right handed and she …show more content…
Mildred’s caregiver called her doctor instead of the ambulance. Mildred needed immediate care considering she had a stroke. When the doctor calls the care for the elderly to admit Mildred, the man who answers the phone is not writing down anything the doctor is saying, he tries to open food during their conversation. The guy on the phone should have been concerned and writing down Mildred’s information. Also, the doctor says the patient is going to be there quite a while because he has seven other patients to see. This could be a safety concern for Mildred because she had a stroke and needs to be seen right away. When the nurse brings Mildred to have surgery, she is not marked, there is no drip, and she is not catheterized. They do not have her ready to be operated on. The ward did not know she was allergic to wheat or had celiac disease until he had talked to Mildred’s daughter. The ward should have all of the updated information about the patient to have available. When Mildred walks out the bathroom, she does not have any help and she falls on the wet floor. They also did not have the correct leg that was broken written down in the consent form. This could have been a safety concern because they would have operated on the wrong leg. It would help to double check information you have written down.
If I were a director of nursing within the hospital that Mildred was admitted to, I would address safety concerns to move toward
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Impaired Physical Motility r/t perceptual or cognitive impairment. I chose this diagnosis because Mildred is experiencing muscle weakness. The goal is to encourage the patient to assist with movement to strengthen the affected body part. Impaired Communication r/t loss of facial muscle control. I chose this diagnosis because Mildred is unable to talk, such as when she cannot tell the nurse that her drink is out of reach. The goal would be to establish communication to express needs and to decrease frustration. Self-Care Deficit r/t to pain and discomfort. I chose this diagnosis because Mildred had to experience discomfort and pain since she was unable to meet her individual needs. Also, because the nurse never asked Mildred if she needs anything or is she was in pain. The goal would be to access Mildred’s abilities and deficits on a scale from 1-10 to aid in planning for meeting self-care

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