Disadvantages Of Breastfeeding Essay

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Before considering the benefits in breastfeeding, perhaps there are other factors that determines mothers’ decision to breastfeed their children. Giugliani et al., (1994) examines the relationship between mothers’ decisions in breastfeeding as well as the backing from health experts. The researchers take into account surrounding influences like social and economic factors. A cross-sectional comparison between 100 breastfeeding mothers to 100 non-breastfeeding mothers showed that a father figure or male partner’s presence providing enthusiastic support served massive importance to a healthy breastfeeding process (Giugliani et al., 1994). Education and support from heath experts also massively increases the chances of breastfeeding. However, orientations from similar experts did not influence mother’s choices to breastfeed (Giugliani et al., 1994). It seems the greatest determinant factor is the more encouragement mothers receive increases their chances in engaging in breastfeeding their children.
Breastfeeding has significance in consideration of infants’ survival, growth, and development. If mothers desire to breastfeed their children, several benefits accompany the process. Advantages like increased cognitive development and decreased rates of obesity should
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Increased cognitive development and reduced risks of childhood obesity are several benefits breastfeeding accompanies that formula-feeding lacks. Absence of breastfeeding may also result in heighten risks for both mother and child. Unfortunately, some mothers are inadequate to breastfeed. Experts suggest wet nursing as the primary alternative, but mothers should also be weary of health concerns followed by the inability to breastfeed. Ultimately, the decision of feeding one’s child resides in the parent or guardian, but they should acknowledge the outcomes of breastfeeding or formula-feeding before any inalterable effects

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