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  • Westjet Airlines Case Analysis: Westjet Airlines In Canada

    WestJet Airlines Case Analysis WestJet Airlines was founded in 1996 in Calgary, Alberta. Clive Beddoe, Don Bell, Mark Hill, and Tim Morgan got together to create an airlines that stood apart from the other airlines in Canada. They wanted to create a low-fare carrier in Canada similar to what Southwest Airlines was in the United States. Another big part of their airlines was the company environment and culture. WestJet Airlines started off small by only working in certain regions in Canada. This quickly changed as more and more opportunities were becoming available to expand. WestJet Airlines major competitors were struggling and they seized the opportunity to move into other markets. WestJet Airlines had created a very unique culture. Most…

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  • Westjet Case Study

    WestJet is a culture and customer based airline which provides a unique sense of its own friendliness to fulfill customer satisfaction and accomplish high demand and growth of market share (Buchanan, 2012). The goal of WestJet is “to enrich the lives of everyone – customers, employees and people in WestJet’s world by providing safe, friendly and affordable air travel” (Westjet, 2016). WestJet believes that their passionate and always caring attitudes are the essential foundations of their…

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  • Case Study: Westjet

    As technology continously change organizations business practices having the essential tools is needed to better understand consumers for marketing initatives, gather valuable information, and look for innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage in its market. Cheryl need to explain this to Westjet that these resources is the way of the future in doing business, and can also testimonials from other companies she have worked with as a CIO, CEO, and other position in information technology how…

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  • Case Study Of Westjet Airlines

    Traveling during the holidays can be hectic; and flying is no exception. WestJet airlines decided to do something different in 2013 for their passengers. They wanted to show their guest that they truly value them and go above and beyond customer service and give their customers a “Christmas Miracle”. The video shows passengers talking to Santa on at a kiosk station telling them what they wanted for Christmas. Requests ranged from a big screen TV to socks and underwear. Once the passengers…

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  • Westjet And Jetblue Case Study

    Another thing that the reservation system helps is the ability to know when to advertise specials on certain flights in order to fill the roster and offer standby to last minute travelers. 2. Evaluate the risks of the projects to upgrade the reservation systems of WestJet and JetBlue and key risk factors. There are several risks associated with upgrading any information systems within a company. Typically the most difficult tasks involve providing training to the employees that are…

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  • Marketing Case Study: Westjet

    WestJet About WestJet- I would love to work for this airline for the reasons below. WestJet is known for the friendly atmosphere on board, and camaraderie between the passengers and the crew members. They are also known for providing exceptional customer service at a discounted price. What many people may not know about WestJet is it was founded in 1996 by Clive Beddoe. They started off very small with only three aircrafts, and five destinations. WestJet is also very giving to those in need.…

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  • Westjet: Financial Analysis: Liquidity Ratio

    Liquidity Ratio The current ratio is a liquidity ratio, which analyzes WestJet 's working capital, and measures their capability to settle its short- term obligations. This ratio also assists investors and creditors in understanding the liquidity of the airline and how easily they can pay off its current liabilities. According to WestJet 's annual reports ,"We maintain a strong liquidity position and sufficient financial resources to meet our obligations as they fall due."(WestJet, 2015). With…

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  • Westjet Airlines Case Study: Organizational Structure And Business Information System

    WestJet Airlines Case In the Westjet Airlines case (Munro, and Khan, 2013), five aspects of the situation affecting the adequacy of the IT infrastructure are: Half of the 240 IT staff was reassigned to concentrate on specific business areas: this will result in more efficient processes and procedures, structure, and having the right technology. The business-facing IT groups can be completely responsive to business needs and priorities, while the systems and applications are supported by common…

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  • Case Study West Jet

    A company’s progress is linked with how well built is its IT structure. WestJet has the best of technical specialists and often has the technological advantage in the market. But they lack the righteous way to use technology into business. There are challenges which can be categorised below: 1. Business-IT Alignment – It aims at synchronizing the use of information technology with its business goals. In WestJet’s case, IT is independent of the business unit. As a result, business has no…

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  • Employee Selection Methods

    Some of these characteristics are experienced at WestJet. These are seen in their definitions for their values among which are; being fun and caring for the customers, having interests similar to those of the company which simply means keeping the goals of the company (Wright, 2010). WestJet also enjoys the high sales due to its unique vibrant culture of growth and thus pose a challenge to the leadership that comes. Therefore, due to the increase in size of the company there is need to look for…

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