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  • Analysis: The Game Of Thrones

    In all honesty, it had always been difficult for me to follow a television series. I could never understand how my friends could invest a decent amount of their time into watching multiple series. That was until I started watching Game of Thrones late summer of last year. Although the pilot of the series aired on April of 2011, I finally got around to binge-watching it last summer to understand what the fuss was all about. Granted, I held off watching the show due to its’ excessive nudity and violence. Also, I lacked the interest for fantasy dramas depicting sword fighting and mystical creatures. Then, I watched the penultimate episode of season-three, “The Rains of Castamere,” and I was completely floored. That episode shook my understanding of storytelling in films and television shows to its living core. ‘The Red Wedding’, as the episode is commonly called by fans, was a massacre arranged by Lord Walder Frey in which, two major characters, King Robb Stark and his mother, Lady Catelyn, and most of Robb’s army were murdered following a marriage between Catelyn’s brother, Edmure Tully and Walder Frey’s daughter Roslin Frey. The opening scene of the episode began with a discussion between Robb and Catelyn. Robb was seeking Catelyn’s advice in invading Casterly Rock, the home of the Lannisters. This was a revenge plot against the Lannisters who murdered Eddard Stark, husband and father to Catelyn and Robb. House Stark needed to form an alliance with Walder Frey that would…

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  • Children Of The Forest Essay

    “The Children of the Forest” The Children of the Forest are an ancient race of supernaturals in Westeros. They were last seen over 8,000 years ago and are introduced in A Song of Ice and Fire as nothing more than a fairy tale, believed to be long extinct. Similar to the Ancient Celts, they were once the indigenous race of Westeros and following a war between the First Men they were forced to retreat to the fringe of Westeros, “beyond the Wall,” where their history turned into legend which…

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  • Loyalty And Duty In A Game Of Thrones

    The uncompromising exploration of this theme is exemplified through the brutal death of the noble protagonist in Eddard Stark and the rising prosperity of characters that lack the same ethics as the Starks, in Littlefinger and Cersei Lannister. The author has even created a contrast in societies, from Westeros to Essos, that have different beliefs and values relating to loyalty and duty, which have subsequently enabled readers to understand that the attitudes towards loyalty and duty differ in…

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  • Dragons Adaptive Strategies In The Iron Islands

    Dragons’ Adaptive Strategies in the Iron Islands. With just four species of dragons of the eighteen that live on the continent of Westeros, the Iron islands possess a variety of niches were these species thrive without being adapted to the same island as the others as all the populations became isolated not by space (as dragons can fly) but by habitat (different resources); also, these dragons are the best example of the adaptive radiation process as a common ancestor species from Westeros…

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  • Faith Of The 7 Analysis

    By this notion, the major religion in Westeros is the Faith of the Seven. From the time it is first introduced the religion feels familiar. That familiarity is because of the similarities to one of our world’s major religions, Catholicism. The Faith of the Seven seems to be heavily influenced by medieval Catholicism. The structure and ranking of religious officials in the Faith of the Seven parallels that of the Catholic Church. Martin also uses similar ceremonies for weddings and other…

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  • The Absent Mother In King Lear Analysis

    Lear but the two argument that are best supported by the society that makes up the mystical land of Westeros are the roles that women are expected to play and the way in which weakness and tears are defined and separated between…

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  • Jaime Lannister In Game Of Thrones

    matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or the other.” --Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones “King-slayer!” “Jaime Lannister, the Man of no Honor” One of the most complex and intriguing characters from the TV show Game of Thrones is the infamous Jaime Lannister. Raised by Tywin Lannister, one of the wealthiest men in Westeros, Jaime Lannister is a man that is hard to comprehend. In some instances he seems as if he is one of the most admirable men in Westeros , but Jaime’s blind love for his…

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  • Analysis Of Game Of Thrones

    little magic, only adding to the realism. Most of the characters of Game of Thrones believe that magic has completely died out. While dragons used to exist in the world of Westeros, they eventually began to grow smaller and die out. A princess named Daenerys Targaryen comes the closest to using the magical creatures of Game of Thrones. Daenerys father was dethroned by the usurper Robert Baratheon, and she now is raising an army across a large sea separating Westeros from where she now…

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  • What Is The Game Of Thrones?

    The TV series Game of Thrones, adapted from the fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, has been acclaimed by critics for its story telling, acing, scoping and especially its complex characters. The series has received 38 Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series in 2015 and 2016, more than any other primetime scripted television series. (Wikipedia) The story sets on the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and it focuses on the dynastic struggle for the iron…

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  • Gender Roles In A Clash Of King

    The second book of George R.R. Martin’s series, A Clash of Kings, begins immediately after the first book, A Game of Thrones. A clash of kings reveals the mass hysteria and chaotic disorder in the Seven Kingdoms. The book begins with a red comet that could be seen blazing through the skies of, the primary settings, Westeros and Essos. At that time Daenerys Targaryen, along with her three dragons, reveals herself as reborn as she emerges from the flames and charred remains of her home and her…

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