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George R.R. Martin and J.R.R. Tolkien tend to go in the same path with the creation of their own worlds, as Martin created a world of Westeros in A Game of Thrones. The way George R.R. Martin was able to respond to other writers in the high fantasy was by getting influenced by the other author methods they used in their writing. One of the most shared things that both authors have in their high fantasy novels was the formation of the imaginative world, which he demonstrates from Martin’s Skills. A Game of Thrones has a Westeros, and The Lord of the Rings has Middle Earth which are similar to their own country time. The main reason life of Westeros exists in the novel is because Martin was impressed by seeing the Tolkien world, how he has created in The Lord of the Rings which was similar to the real world. …show more content…
Martin and Tolkien Worlds are unique from any other world in the high fantasy because their worlds are their own main world which has included many places similar to their real world. Also, they have created antiquities, traditions, and languages even in their imagination world which many other high fantasy novels do not have it in their fictional world. Therefore, they do not need any nonessential world to bring perfection to the story. In the novel, A Game of Thrones, Martin tries to shadow the same guidelines as Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings wherever it was conceivable for him to do it. After the Martin’s inspiration from Tolkien, he decided to tell his own story rather than repeating Tolkien’s story in his style which we were able to recognize from Westeros creation in A Game of Thrones. Both of the authors focused on different aspects of telling the high fantasy story from their period in the

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