Loyalty And Duty In A Game Of Thrones

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George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, the first novel of A Song of Ice and Fire, has been described as “a brutally modern take on human nature and a highly contemporary interest in relative morality” (Martin, 2011). This has been achieved through the author’s in-depth exploration of a variety of themes, particularly the theme of loyalty and duty, which Martin presents as dangerous and not equating to success. Martin uses the outcomes of characters, including Eddard Stark, Littlefinger and Cersei Lannister, and the contrast of cultures in his worldbuilding to effectively explore this theme. The comment that the author makes on loyalty and duty is intended to be a realistic reflection of human nature and politics, and to deviate from the clear …show more content…
Littlefinger, one of the most morally ambiguous characters in A Game of Thrones, initially seems to be devoted to Catelyn Stark; however, when Ned asked for “the help you [Littlefinger] you promised Catelyn” (Martin, 1996, pg. 513) he was betrayed, indicating Littlefinger’s lack of loyalty. In contrast to Ned, Littlefinger only serves himself, so that his position on the small council and the power he wields within the realm are not jeopardised. While Cersei is loyal to her family and house, she does not fulfill her duty as a wife and Queen, nor is she loyal to her husband. Cersei’s treachery culminates in the death of Robert Baratheon “The queen would not have waited long in any case. Robert was becoming unruly, and she needed to be rid of him to free her hands to deal with his brothers” (Martin, 1996, pg.). No longer bound to a drunk, brutish husband and with her son reigning as the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei’s moral discrepancies have placed her and the House Lannister in a position of higher power by the end of the novel as Joffrey sits “on the throne, with Cersei standing behind him whispering in his ear” (Martin, 1996, pg. ) Littlefinger’s doublecrossing and Cersei’s subversive attempts to gain power or solidify their position, are …show more content…
The uncompromising exploration of this theme is exemplified through the brutal death of the noble protagonist in Eddard Stark and the rising prosperity of characters that lack the same ethics as the Starks, in Littlefinger and Cersei Lannister. The author has even created a contrast in societies, from Westeros to Essos, that have different beliefs and values relating to loyalty and duty, which have subsequently enabled readers to understand that the attitudes towards loyalty and duty differ in cultures and individuals. George R.R. Martin has made an honest but harsh comment on the value and limitations of loyalty and duty in a game of

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