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So much to talk about with the fifth season primer of GoT: we see Cersei as a child (she hasn’t changed much), Tyrion split for Pentos and the voyage wasn’t what he’s accustomed to, ruling Meereen is hard for Daenerys, and Jon has deal with two kings over at the wall.
We get our first flashback of the series and it turns out little Cersei is just as bratty and entitled as big Cersei. Little Cersei and her BFF are tramping through the wet woods of Casterly Rock to find Maggy the Frog – a sexy scary fortune teller. When Maggy tells Cersei that everyone wants their future told until they hear it, Cersei sweetly informs Maggy that she’s living on Lannister land and if the fortune teller doesn’t tell her future right this instant Cersei will have her daddy gouged out her “two boring eyes”. Besides being the act of a seriously spoiled child, threatening to gouge someone’s eyes out because you’re an important person is also a misuse of her position. Although, is a minor a City employee (it is Westeros, so maybe)
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Jon knows full well Mance won’t do it, but he gives it a try anyway. Mance refuses the offer, of course, opting for death by burning instead – which wouldn’t have been my choice. The last scene of the season opener shows Jon turning away from a burning Mance just before the Wildling loses his composure and starts screaming bloody murder. We think Jon just doesn’t want to watch until an arrow goes through Mance’s chest. Oh, and the Watch still has to pick a new Lord Commander.
A side note about Stannis, what an ego on that guy! That’s not a conflict of interest in and of itself, but does make him a jerk. What is a conflict of interest, however, is Stannis using all Castle Black’s food and supplies for his people when that is specifically there to be used by the Watch to protect the realm from all the nasty stuff on the other side of that big ice

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