Immigration Crisis In Western Europe

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The Rise of Europe’s Immigrant Crisis
“An estimated 9 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of civil war in March 2011”(Syrian Refugees). Millions have nowhere to go as the countries around Syria are already overburdened with immigrants leading a great number of immigrants to Europe. They must suffer through the long and difficult trek from the Middle East to Western Europe and still risk being deported once they reach their goal. With larger masses arriving each day, Western Europe faces the decision of integrating the immigrants into their countries or turning them away and blocking their borders. Both decisions have grand economic, social, and political implications in those countries. As the immigration crisis in Europe continues, countries with the chance to integrate immigrants into their societies must strive to do so.
Throughout the Middle East, extremist Muslim groups have sparked violence that has displaced millions of people into the regions surrounding the Middle East such as Europe. The violence that has been permeating for the last few decades throughout the Middle East is now concentrated in Syria where numerous different forces are stuck in a power struggle. The power struggle is between countless
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Doing so benefits countries in all their important aspects and their esteem among other countries. Subsequently, the integration of immigrants by countries in the EU allows for them to uphold their interconnection with other EU countries. As a result of this decision, hundreds of thousands of immigrants would be better off and European countries could spend more time worrying about stopping the problem at the root. The immigrant crisis is a serious problem that Europe must face and could be single handedly solved by European countrie making a unanimous upheld decision to integrate

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