Late Antiquity

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  • Late Antiquity Analysis

    Empire were really a decline and instead the rise of new cultures, artworks, and religions that still have remnants to this day. When the term “Late Antiquity” was first used in 1971 by Peter Brown in his book, he had no idea how much controversy there would be that resulted from it. Brown was different from prior scholars in the way he actually concentrated on the eastern portion of the Mediterranean and the Middle East instead of focusing on Western Europe and the Western Barbarian World (Concept of Late Antiquity, 5, James Edwards). The Late Antiquity (L.A.) challenges the notion that the post-Roman Empire period was one of decline and stagnant as most historians believe, and instead was a period of innovation and a continuity of civilization. Up to this period, historians has believed what happened in the…

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  • Early Middle Ages Essay

    1. Assignment Making reference to at least two of the works covered in weeks 1-5 of the module, addressing the following problem: ⦁ Account for the origins and development of biographical writing in late antiquity and the early middle ages (i.e. how and why did people write biographies in this period?). By addressing two works covered, how can we account for the origins and development of biographical writing in late antiquity and early middle ages? I.e. how and why did people write biographies…

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  • Pope Joan Donna Woolfolk Cross Essay

    Throughout history, many women have broken free of the ever-existent patriarchy to be remembered for centuries, a few such as Queen Victoria, Amelia Earhart, and Marie Curie. While others are legends in folklore, such as Joan of Ark and Mulan. Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross, is the story of the life of Joan a young girl who craves knowledge and has a strong desire to learn. As she grew up she constantly had to validate her intelligence to men in authoritative positions, in order to obtain an…

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  • Charlemagne And The Collapse Of Rome During The Medieval Ages

    The medieval period lasted from the 5th century to the 15th century. It began with the collapse of the western, Mediterranean region of the Roman Empire. During this time, diseases like the bubonic plague. The plague spread through fleas that were on rats on ships that carried cargo being traded. Warfare also weakened Europe as a whole causing it to change to a more rural and less populated place. People such as the Goths, Visigoths, Franks, Lombards, Angles, and Saxons also emerged as the…

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  • Samuel Anointing David In The Late Antiquity

    In the Bible, there is a famous story that is often shared with children from different religious backgrounds, David and Goliath. This story is about a young man (David) who defeats a giant (Goliath) with a slingshot and a rock. The story describes a young man who exhibits strength, courage, and the ability to conquer regardless of your size. In the Late Antiquity there is a painting of Samuel Anointing David possibly created between 245-256 that was found in Dura-Europos, that is narrating…

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  • Women In Constantinople During Late-Antiquity

    The life of cosmopolitan women in late-antiquity has remained something of an enigma to scholars. Perceptions of general decadence and moral impoverishment date back to the early research of historians like Edward Gibbon, who argued that a loss of virtue-ethics plagued the secular government. Authors of the 5th and 6th centuries, like Procopius and St. Augustine, offer little to undermine that notion. One would be quick to assume that the general decline in quality of life in the late…

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  • Masks In Native American Culture

    Masks For hundreds of years masks have played an important role in the lives of the Native Americans of the Northwest Coast. They signify ancient traditions dating from antiquity to present day. The dramatic, colorful masks of the Northwest Coast are some of the most fascinating artifacts produced by Native Americans. Mask Making Although the different tribes throughout the Northwest Coast have different traditions and cultures, there are many techniques and styles which are common to…

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  • Essay On Greek Colonialism

    Greek Colonization Settlements or trading outposts were the two types of colonies traditionally founded by the city-states of the Ancient Greeks (Stein, 2005:12). Trade was the primary reason for the Greek colonial expansion into Illyria. Illyrian exports included wool, slaves, bitumen, metal ores, hides, stock, mercenaries, timber, and cereal grains. Imports from the Greeks consisted of ornaments for clothing, wine, olive oil, weapons, armour, vessels, and utensils (Hammond, 1992; Wilkes,…

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  • High Renaissance And Classicism Analysis

    Michelangelo’s way of carving his twisting figures dynamically. Moreover Michelangelo’s artworks, unlike Raphael’s ones, are animated by a constant tension: in the Holy Family, known as Tondo Doni (1506), for example he played with the contrast between the lack of moral tension of the pagan gods in the background opposed to twisting of the Virgin, who forms with St. Joseph and baby Jesus a kind of pyramidal sculpture. The relationship between Michelangelo and the antiquity may be also seen from…

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  • Reflection Paper: A Career As A Teaching Assistant

    question students seemed to always struggle with is if an interview is actually an interview or is it really a conversation. Asking this question throws students off usually on what they consider an interview. The students in the interviewing class consistently fought with this idea because their assumption of an interview is that it has to be “formal”. By doing this they actually segregate many other interviews that have been done because they don’t fit there perceptions of what an interview…

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