Latin percussion

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  • Tabernaculo De Dios Filadelphia

    coming of Jesus for his church. He described how the groom would leave for days to prepare a home for his bride and only his father would know when is the right time to pick up his bride. In the Bible, it says that Jesus is preparing a home for its bride the church and only the father known when he is ready to lift up the church. Las Bodas is like a letter saying that the bride (the church) is waiting for its groom(Jesus) to come and take her to her new home (heaven). This song is in a verse-chorus form where the chorus is repeated twice and the tempo of the song is also slow like Inexplicable. The instruments in this song include an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a drum set, and the congas. By having the congas gave the gospel song a Latin flare that made it very unique and beautiful since most slow tempo songs don’t usually contain congas. This time, Angel himself sang this song and it was amazing how he had such a control in his voice to go from a high note to a lower one. Las Bodas is the song that gave me the chills and that I can listen to all day long. After Ester and Angel performed more amazing songs another singer named Angel Figueroa performed in the concert. Figueroa is also a Puerto Rican singer but he is much younger than Angel, he is around his mid thirty’s. Figueroa does not play any instrument but he has an amazing voice, it is very strong and thick. Figueroa chooses to perform a faster tempo song that was highly syncopated and used a lot more…

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  • Essay On Drum Set

    It is hard to picture the Beatles without Ringo or Led Zeppelin without Bonham. These drummers many not be front and center, but they are the back bone to the band. And without the Drum set these drummers would have never been. Jazz or Rock n Roll or Pop music wouldn’t be the same without the invention and evolution of the drum set. The drum set took over a century to become what it is today. The drum set is an American instrument and through its development it has reflected the way America has…

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  • Steel Drum Music Analysis

    Steel drum music has the ability to move an audience like no other type of music. From the first note, the songs exude a happiness from within each pannist. Even with the slower pieces, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a tropical surrounding. The AISD concert, conducted by CJ Menge, which took place April 14, 2012 certainly did not disappoint. The concert was performed in Austin, Texas and featured steel drum bands from seven middle and high schools in the area. The first piece,…

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  • Controversy Of Bata Tribe

    orishas during the ceremony. These three drums are Iya (mother), dedicated to the Orisha Yemaya, Itotele (father) dedicated to Oshun, and Okonkolo (baby) dedicated to the orisha Chango. Iya is the largest drum, followed by Itotele and finally Okonkolo is the smallest. Each of these drums are made sacred by going through a specific consecration ceremony which may only be attended by males who have had their hands wash to play the drums as well as the Babalawo (male priests of Ifá). Although one…

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  • Experimental Improvisation With Kjell Nordeson And Peter Kuhn

    Jazz History Concert Report The date of the concert was October 5, 2016 and the title of the concert is “Experimental Improvisation with: Kjell Nordeson & Peter Kuhn”. The concert was performed in Mesa College Music building. Peter Kuhn had three instruments with him a bass clarinet, saxophone, and a Bb Clarinet. He used the bass clarinet and the saxophone during his first piece, and the clarinet on the second piece. Kjell Nordeson was on the drum but had a lot of instruments with him.…

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  • Timpani Instrumentation

    The development of percussion throughout centuries has been a long evolution of varied instruments that have greatly affected the way people hear and understand music. Since time began, humans have used percussion instruments to accompany their music, dances, and rituals. In the West, percussion in the orchestra gradually evolved and grew over time into a powerful section of the group, with an imposing range of tools and roles at its disposal (Gagné). In recent times, non-Western percussion has…

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  • Oddities In Music

    Instruments are in charge of setting a melody, accompaniment, beat/percussion, counter melody, bass line, harmony, accent, and drone in a song. Generally, chordophones are used to establish the melody, countermelody, accompaniment, and harmony. Membranophones are used in beat/percussion. The tuba, double bass, and bass guiter are used to create a bassline. Finally, instruments with a sustained pitch such as the banjo are used to make a drone. Going through this list, one can easily that a…

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  • Drum Corps Passion

    Many of our practices would make some call us insane, they were intense and long. We would spend about 12-15 hours each day practicing, then spend a week playing at shows around Washington and Oregon, unlike some corps that play in all sorts of stadiums across the country, and cap it all off with 3 performances in Preliminaries, Semi-Finals, and Finals. I played baritone, a marching bell front instrument. In addition, there are Trumpets, Mellophones(Marching French Horns) and tubas in each drum…

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  • Beethoven's Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Sample

    duet, between the piano and the rest of the orchestra. The pianist and the conductor used their entire body in their performance. You could feel their passion. When the music was to be hard, the pianist played the piano mezzo piano and mezzo forte. It was moderately changing in range from soft to loud. This phase was about 40 minutes long, which was mainly the pianist. The third phase was very mellow through its entirety. It was soothing. It almost put me to sleep. This was the most relaxing…

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  • Oklahoma Community Orchestra Concert Report

    This piece was performed by the Orchestra. Moreover, it started of soft (piano) with the string family and percussion family as well. The piece was more relaxing, smooth and really good to hear. It does get louder as the piece goes on. This piece was short, however it was a beautiful tune to listen to. It was not fast but it was vivace and adagio. From the way i heard it, i will say that it represents a major key , which puts an individual in a happy and relaxed mood. The piece reminds me of…

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