Late Show with David Letterman

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  • Jimmy Kimmel Live !

    The late-night talk show has a long and storied history, with shows like “The Tonight Show” – a primary example of this tradition – dating back to the 1950s. Often scheduled for 11 PM or later, these daily shows are intended to give people a chance to relax and catch up on celebrity news after the kids are asleep. Despite the number hosts for late night television past and present, Jimmy Fallon of "The Tonight Show" and Jimmy Kimmel of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" have managed to distinguish themselves, particularly in their use of social media, their interaction with guests, and their overall approach to humor. In today's world of technology, entertainment has many new facets to explore. One of the more modern concerns for talk show hosts is to find creative ways to engage their audience through the use of social media. Effective use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can…

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  • Reflection Paper: A Career As A Teaching Assistant

    students seemed to always struggle with is if an interview is actually an interview or is it really a conversation. Asking this question throws students off usually on what they consider an interview. The students in the interviewing class consistently fought with this idea because their assumption of an interview is that it has to be “formal”. By doing this they actually segregate many other interviews that have been done because they don’t fit there perceptions of what an interview actually…

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  • Emma Watson's Politeness Theory

    ANALYSIS OF POLITENESS STRATEGIES USED IN The Late Show with David Letterman with Emma Watson as guest star David Michael Letterman is an American television host, comedian, writer, producer, and actor. He hosts Late Show with David Letterman – American late night television talk show broadcast on CBS. David Letterman was ranked 45 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time in 1996. A guest star - Emma Watson is known as an English actress, model, and activist. This paper is going to…

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  • Late Night Comedy Analysis

    the entertainment business about the current state of late night comedy. We both grew up during the age of Jay Leno and David Letterman. For the most part we discussed why Leno always beat Letterman in the ratings and part of the reason we discussed was the fact that Leno appealed more to the classical late night audience. If you remember late night during those days the structure of a show was pretty simple. 1. Opening Monologue 2. Comedy Skit or Bit 3. Interview Two Celebrities 4. Musical…

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  • Summary Of Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation

    History can seem very plain, harsh and sometimes very dull when learning about presidential assassinations. In “assassination vacation” sarah vowell explains the incidents in which the presidents the presidents were assassinated, but in doing so she is very humorous and liven these stories up just a little bit. Sarah vowell is an author and a journalist, in which she has written six non-fictional novels that revolve around American History. Five of the novels ended up being new york times best…

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  • Jerry Seinfeld Research Paper

    amongst friends. While telling jokes he realized how much his friends and family enjoyed them. That’s when he first fell in love with comedy. After high school he went to college at Queens College, City University of New York. There he was in little productions and comedy skits. He graduated with a degree in communications and theater. Seinfeld started his career after having such a great time (with great reactions) in college doing comedy. His first time doing stand-up comedy was in Catch a…

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  • Jeff Ross Hero

    Do you know if there is something or someone that will always make you laugh. Jeff Ross is a hero to me because he has done a lot of things in his career he performed for soldiers, and he performed for inmates. Jeff Ross was born on september 13, 1965 (“Jeff Ross”). He was born and raised in springfield, New Jersey (Bromley). He was enrolled at Jonathan Dayton High school and went to Boston University where he majored in communication (“Jeff Ross”). While he was in college he worked at BU’s WTBU…

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  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Article: Why I Changed My Mind On Weed

    Using various cases that show the positive effects of marijuana makes readers question why it isn’t more accepted and widely used. For example, Gupta uses a story about a young girl named Charlotte Figi that suffered from around 300 seizures a week. After trying medical marijuana, however, her seizures decreased to only two to three per month. Gupta claims that “it is irresponsible not to provide the best care we can as a medical community, care that could involve marijuana” (Gupta 38). Gupta…

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  • Assess The Validity Of A Police Brutality Issue

    influenced many Americans beliefs and awareness toward law enforcement and police through their lyrics in their music. NWA was the most influential music group in their time as they brought gangsta rap into the mainstream in 1988 with their triple platinum album, Straight Outta Compton. Their album Straight Outta Compton reached number 4 on top 100 albums in the United States, and sold over 3 million copies. Additionally, the music group sold over 10 million CD units in America primarily and…

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  • Stock Car Driving Is Bad

    Stock car driving is a man’s game, right? Wrong. Some people assume that only a real man’s man can speed along the tracks, executing sharp turns while burning rubber and leaving skid marks. Those people, however, have never encountered Danica Patrick. For those of you who don’t know, Danica Patrick is one of the most successful female stock car drivers in the world. She has been driving professionally since the late 1990s and in that time has established herself as one of the most dominant…

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