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The late-night talk show has a long and storied history, with shows like “The Tonight Show” – a primary example of this tradition – dating back to the 1950s. Often scheduled for 11 PM or later, these daily shows are intended to give people a chance to relax and catch up on celebrity news after the kids are asleep. Despite the number hosts for late night television past and present, Jimmy Fallon of "The Tonight Show" and Jimmy Kimmel of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" have managed to distinguish themselves, particularly in their use of social media, their interaction with guests, and their overall approach to humor.
In today's world of technology, entertainment has many new facets to explore. One of the more modern concerns for talk show hosts is to find creative ways to engage their audience through the use of social media. Effective use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can
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Fallon's approach may appeal to a more basic level, the aforementioned skits written by children a prime example. Another recurring segment has Fallon and his guest speak loudly and forcefully while eating a meal, effectively spitting food on each other. While some critics feel Fallon may be exaggerating or faking his laugh during the show, the effectiveness is hard to refute: it is challenging to watch him laugh through a skit and not at least break a grin in response. Contrarily, Kimmel will often use sarcasm, poking fun, and pranks for most of his humor. His expression largely remains the same through most of his segments: a sly smile that makes you feel like he might be up to something. This style can also receive its detractors: not everyone appreciates the regular occurrence of pranks on children, and others would argue that his focus on “mean tweets” has encouraged Twitter users to be even more aggressive in their negative opinions of celebrities in

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