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  • Western Landscape Painting

    Chinese landscape painting in the long process of development, the formation of a unique style and aesthetic taste and a complete theoretical system. Similarly, in the Western painting accounted for an important position of the landscape is also true. These two objects of the same performance using different forms of expression of art in the world of art treasures occupy an extremely important position. They are in two different civilizations, the aesthetic value of these two art is the precious legacy of human development. Chinese landscape painting with the Western landscape is the subject of the corresponding, many people understand that this is only a different tool, different materials, the effect is different, but these are secondary,…

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  • Love And Alienation: The Lovers By Spike Jonze

    love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person. Some believe this is a lifelong feeling, but I believe it is only temporary. In the film Her by Spike Jonze, Theodore falls in love with his operating system and is forced to grow out of the honeymoon phase as the operating system advances. When Theodore first starts to fall in love with Samantha (his OS), he is blind to the fact that he is not in a normal relationship. This reminds me of a piece of art we studied: The Lovers by Rene…

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  • The Lovers I And Two Rene Magritte Analysis

    what is hidden by what we see”. Majority of his paintings were done during the surrealism movement. This movement began in the 20th century and it allowed artists and writers to tap into the unconscious minds of individuals through their creative works. Rene Magritte used common everyday objects in his paintings and transformed them into cryptic and thought provoking images by using veils, colors, and proper placement of objects and people. In order to understand the meaning behind…

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  • Analysis Of Bonheur De Vivre

    in a free-natured romp through nature the painting attempts to emulate. The painting contains sixteen feminine-coded human figures sitting in a hyper-colored field. Instead of a contemporary scene, trees enclose a mythic clearing. This deifies these figures as they lounge nude in multicolored grass, talk, play instruments, and dance. There are no straight lines within the painting, giving it a sense of fluidity and motion, even though most of the figures are in a stationary position. There is…

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  • Feminism In Henri Matisse's Bathers By A River

    The female nude, a longstanding western tradition in art is used to express ideas of beauty. It soon became a site to address the immediate changes in the modern industrial world, representing the female nude as a vessel to address the urban modernization of the roles of women. The portrayal of the female nude in Henri Matisse’s Bathers by a River uses the nude to express his frustrations with the Battle of Verdun. Initially, it was conceived in 1909 as a scene of arcadian leisure, but then…

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  • Museum Critique

    ANALYSIS: Color is put to exceptional use within the painting. The green tinge placed upon the face of Germanicus, the dark blue drapery behind the bed gives the calming effect, while the red of the soldier’s robes give off a sense of frustration. The orange headdress and gown of his white shows her nervousness. While Germanicus himself is dressed in a white linen a sense of restfulness and purity. The background is that of a creams and tans as if the blend so your vision is brought around to…

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  • Gender Roles In The Man Ray And Marcel Duchamp As Rrose Selavy

    Just as in Eduard Manet’s Olympia Morimura is laying in the exact same position as the woman in the painting by Manet including the placement of his hand which also matches the woman in the painting. Morimura even makes sure to have a porcelain black cat to stand in for the black cat that is seen near the woman’s feet in the painting. Unlike the painting Morimura’s image consist of a variety of colors that are brighter than those in the painting by Manet. Morimura’s image even includes a very…

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  • The Arab Of The Future Summary

    The book “The Arab of the Future” by Riad Sattouf talks about the life of Riad and his family when he lived in the eastern countries. Riad is the embodiment of Eastern and Western values because his mother is French and his father is Syria. He had lived in Libya when he was two years old, and in Syria when he was fourth years old. He had the difficult life and some memories he will never forget. The character Raid has been shown on three sides: the differences of his relationship between his…

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  • Wassily Kandinsky: Impressionism Analysis

    the tradition of representational art coming from Classical times. It developed new and often abstract means to express psychological truth and the idea that behind the physical world lay a spirituality. One example is James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s painting, Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket of 1875. The panting captures the drama of the fleeting instant when a rocket explodes, scattering sparks into the night. As an artist, he continually sought ways to represent immediacy and…

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  • Turner And The Barber's Shop Analysis

    and my understanding with you. In the essay, “Turner and the Barber’s Shop”, John Berger narrates the life and art of Joseph Mallord William Turner who is one of the most important artists in history. Turner was born in London, the son of a barber. “He was a child prodigy” and entered the Royal Academy Schools at fourteen (215). Next, He had his own studio at eighteen, and his father becomes the assistant and factotum. He had very close relation with his father, and the barber’s shop affected…

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