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  • Imagery In Daphne Du Maurier's The Birds

    head, their little stabbing beaks sharp as pointed forks” (Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds). This enthralling scene is an excerpt from none other than Daphne du Maurier’s The Birds, and it inserts a perfect picture in the reader’s head of the suffering Nat is undergoing. In the short story The Birds, Nat must defend his family from the invasion of birds, and the author creates a suspenseful story with strong imagery during and after the raid of the birds. On the other hand, Alfred Hitchcock skillfully creates tension in his film through silence. Although both versions of…

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  • Literary Devices In Rebecca, By Daphne Du Maurier

    In Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier, the author uses detail, diction, and imagery as literary techniques to create and shift throughout the passage between moods of mystery, a nightmare, and nostalgia. These moods evolve throughout the excerpt chronologically in three different segments. The atmosphere evolves chronologically as the narrator physically advances on her path to Manderley in her dream. In the excerpt from Rebecca, du Maurier uses literary devices, mainly diction, detail, and imagery…

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  • Suspense In Daphne Du Maurier's The Birds

    Movies, books, and short stories all create and utilize suspense in many different ways, shapes, and forms. From the tension and worry feeling shown in movies, to foreshadowing about what will happen in literature. Author Daphne du Maurier and filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock both used many ways to create suspense in their takes on the horror story, “The Birds.” However, only one author utilized suspense the best. Between du Maurier’s short story and Hitchcock's film, Hitchcock’s film did a better job…

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  • The Female Gothic Themes In Rebecca By Daphne Du Maurier

    Daphne du Maurier 's novel Rebecca, is a good example of unique and intriguing writing. It has achieved critical praise inarguably due to its uniqueness in literature especially as compared to those which fall under the female gothic category. The author uses attractive themes which can easily attract the masses throughout diverse generations. This book exposes a story of a narrator who faces lots of challenges not only in her marriage but also in her social circle. There exist certain…

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  • Power In Ovid's Metamorphoses

    In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the story of Apollo and Daphne exhibits a strong sense of control, power, and dominance. There is a division of power distinguished between Apollo and Cupid, as well as between Apollo and Daphne. This is expressed many times through the alliteration, catalogues, and metaphors used throughout the text, as well as in the symbolism that occurs in this story. ALLITERTION While Apollo is calling out to Daphne, he uses catalogues in an effort to convince her of who he is,…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Daphne And Daphne

    The first sculpture that that was chosen, was Daphne and it was created in 2007. This sculpture is referenced to a sculpture named Apollo and Daphne, created by an Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The event that influenced MacDowell to create this sculpture, was based on her travels around Europe, more specifically Italy. The meaning and purpose behind this artwork, Daphne and many more is environmental issues. Her travels through Renaissance, Italy influenced the sculpture, Daphne,…

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  • Analysis Of Bonheur De Vivre

    Upon close examination, the viewer sees human figures within these branches, a swatch of green for hair, eyes, and cheek bones on the right branch, echoed in the green of the cheekbone and breast in the left branch. These personified boughs overlap in the same way the figures in the bottom right do to imply a close connection, sharing a single curved line to express contact. As the lines are still curved, the feminine coded trees humanized by the myth of Daphne connect together without a male…

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  • Leda And The Swan Poem Analysis

    Yeats’s poem ‘’Leda and the Swan’’ and Dorothy Hewitt’s ‘’Grave Fairytale’’ have content that is both mythological and violently sexual. In Yeats’ poem the speaker retells a story from Greek mythology. It is that of the rape of Leda by Zeus. In Hewitt’s poem, the speaker creates a new version of Rapunzel’s fairytale. This essay will discuss the relationship between mythology/ folklore, violence and sex through the analysis of both poems. In Yeats’ poem, the speaker resents the rape scene,…

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  • Comparing Ovid's Apollo And Daphne

    Apollo and Daphne was such an intriguing excerpt! This story had multiples meanings, but the meaning which I think Ovid is trying to convey the most is “Never underestimate the little man.” My reason for this belief is because in the beginning, readers are introduced to Apollo in a high state off of his victory against Python. He then walks up and belittles Cupid, asking, “What are you doing with such manly arms?” When he asks that question then, we as readers can tell that Apollo feels as if…

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  • Apollo And Daphne Research Paper

    Apollo and Daphne is one of the most well-known myths in Greek mythology. Beginning the myth after Apollo’s battle with the Python, boastful Apollo, does not know what was to come from his bragging. Coincidentally, because of Apollo’s boasting to Eros, who was better known as Cupid, shot Apollo with a gold-tipped arrow of lust. Daphne, a beautiful nymph, who was also shot with an arrow that took the opposite effect, which caused Daphne to have an intense aversion to love. Eros then…

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