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  • Comparing Birds And Hitchcock's The Birds

    In many cultures, birds are used as symbols of peace, wisdom, hope, and eternal life. However, the 1952 short story The Birds by Daphne de Maurier and the movie produced by Alfred Hitchcock eleven years later portray these creatures in a much different way. They both depict a society suddenly being attacked by murderous birds. By looking deeper into each conflict, resolution, and interpretation on women’s roles, both similarities and differences can be observed. The conflicts of the novella and movie, although similar, also have multiple differences. The main conflicts are man versus nature. In each situation, the birds attack the characters and pose a threat to society. When the birds come in through the windows and attack Nat, the story states that he and his family board up the house and stay inside. Likewise, movie character Mitch secures his family’s home from the birds after discovering Annie has been killed at their wrath. In both the story and movie, the intensity of the attacks progress throughout the timeline. For example, the movie begins with a gull simply hitting Melanie, yet multiple people are killed by the ending. Also, the birds in both versions get wiser and even start orchestrating attacks. Many believe de Maurier and Hitchcock do this to generate suspense. They also use foreshadowing to have the same effect. Nat is a very observant…

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  • Aristophanes Birds

    Aristophanes' Birds is a comical play that was preformed in the Dionysian festival in 414 BCE. This comedy does not follow the same usual trend of using comedy to address serious political issues that can be seen in the majority of the works that we have of Aristophanes. The play starts with two older Athenians, Euelpides and Pisthetaerus, who are discouraged with the state of Athens and its people. Instead of these two looking to change the old and corrupt Athens they want to start a new life…

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  • Summary In Ralph Ellison's On Bird, Bird-Watching, And Jazz

    In “On Bird, Bird-Watching and Jazz,” by Ralph Ellison, it provides many examples of diction and syntax. For diction, I came across questions such as why the author uses the word virtuosi, and if the author provided any examples of metaphors. In the sentence, “Mimic thrushes, which include the catbird and brown thrasher, along with the mockingbird, are not only great virtuosi, they are the tricksters and con men of the bird world,” it provides the answer to both questions. Furthermore, the word…

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  • Bird In The Hand Analysis

    On April 15, I attended Bird in the Hand by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas at the California State University of Long Beach University Theatre. Bird in the Hand is about a boy who works at a theme park in Miami owned by his father who is dedicated to tropical birds. The boy, Felix, takes us on a tour of his last year in high school explaining how he came to inherit the park from his father and loses his best friend in the process. The narrator, Felix, feels caged and out-of-place, much like the imported…

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  • Courtship In Animal Bird

    courtship is used to find a suitable mate with ideal characteristics that they want their offspring to have. In this essay birds have been chosen to be discussed due to their unique and complex courtship rituals. Ironically, even though humans are one of the largest populations of beings on Earth we tend to use courtship with occasionally convoluted mannerisms simply for sexual pleasure. We have also constructed a number of ways in which to prevent reproduction of our species from contraceptives…

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  • The Caged Bird In The Awakening

    The Awakening by Kate Chopin is a literary work full of symbolism that adds meaning to the story and to the characters. Throughout the story Edna Pontieller expresses her progress, in The Awakening, as a new woman by using the symbolism of the caged birds, art and music, houses, and the sea. From the very beginning of the story, the caged birds play a main role in symbolizing Edna’s entrapment. In the book the parrots kept repeating ““ Allez vous-en! Allez vous-en! Sapristi! That’s all right!””…

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  • Life Of The Birds Analysis

    During this week I saw an episode of The life of the Birds presented by David Attenborough in which he showed the way which some birds have for catching the attention of a possible couple. Amongst all of them, he showed the lyrebird which seems to have more than 300 different sounds for that, and amongst those sounds there was one that sounded like the alarm of a car and other that sounded like a pneumatic drill, those which are utilized to break streets, all that while deployed the feathers of…

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  • Observing The Anhinga Bird

    Abstract Anhinga anhinga is a medium sized bird which most do not know about. The purpose of the paper is to give readers an in depth idea of this bird. Most readers living in the southern parts of the United States have seen one in the wild but did not have a clue about this mischievous animal. The bird can go from sun bathing in order to dry off its feathers to diving in order to get some food in seconds. Additionally the bird can stay under the water for minutes without coming up for a…

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  • Birds Of Paradise Research Paper

    To the human eye, birds are one of the most beautiful and eye catching in all of nature’s creations. Even a single stray of a feather has many wonders and secrets in itself. It’s form, delicacy and it’s coloring for example. With each of these they have the power to be overwhelming. There are many families of birds well known for spectacular visual impact of their plumage. One family of birds that stands out from the rest, not just because of the extravagant appearance of many of its…

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  • Bird Swarm Algorithm Analysis

    BIRD SWARM ALGORITHM: BSA is a new meta-heuristic swarm intelligence algorithm proposed by Xian-Bing Meng [35] , inspired by social behavior and interaction of birds. Different birds gather food in different ways. Foraging is the searching for food resources or gathering food either for immediate consumption or future storage. Birds forage in flocks because they gather more information in flocks than their own intelligence. Group foraging boost-up the chances of detecting predators. While…

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