Essay On The High Middle Ages

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The High Middle Ages is known as a time of revival because of the massive changes that occurred in Medieval Europe after the attacks of the Vikings. It was a period of new awakenings and expansion. These advancements had sparked growth in education, and in the economy. This stability began to dismantle during the 14th century because of the Black Death. The transformation of Europe cultivated a new generation of learners that were eager for knowledge. During this era, Peter Abelard gained a name for himself with his innovative style of teaching which focused on logic. His teachings brought about emphasis on evidence when trying to solve both intellectual and practical problems. His students began to think critically, asking him for reasons behind the Trinity. In his autobiography, he describes a time when his students told him that, “words are useless if the intelligence could not follow them, that nothing could be believed unless it was …show more content…
It was a deadly pandemic that served as the last strike to a society that had already been weakened by famine and climate disasters. About one-third of the population died, and was later affected by repeated outbreaks(Lualdi 255). This was a time of panic because people didn 't understand what it was, they thought it was god punishing them. In a town called Tournai, the people would whip themselves to try to get god to forgive them and in the text it shows an image of them marching to “ward off the plague”(Cole and Symes 279). This crisis resulted in villages getting abandoned and violence to sprout throughout the cities. In addition to the social consequences, this plague had economic consequences that caused, “Crops to rot in the fields, manufacturing to cease, and trade came to a standstill”(Cole and Symes 283). Due to these effects the High Middle Ages was never the

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