What Caused The Black Plague Dbq Essay

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The effect of the black plague on medieval Europe lead to these factors, the economy declined, people stopped believing in god, and it caused people to turn on each other. The economy was decreasing because employers were dying from the plague which caused less work and money. People were beginning to turn their backs on one another as the plague was spreading rapidly. Believing in god was out of the question for some people who lost loved ones and prayed with no answers. A declining economy sounds like trouble, well it was for the people in medieval Europe. The economy was at its all-time low when the plague struck Europe. Europeans were dying which caused a production decrease and led to a decline in money for both workers and owners. Elizabeth Ellis and Anthony Esler, discuss the plague that occurred in the 1300s when the European economy sank to a horrible decline, how difficult goods were to make, the rise of goods were more costly than ever before, and how trade became horrible as well(Doc 4). Not only did these problems effect people but it effected the economy and price of goods. This wasn’t the only effect the black plague had on medieval Europe it was just one of the many effects. …show more content…
When the plague grew stronger and struck thousands of people the faith in god for some people was gone. People felt that god didn’t exist because of his failure to answer their prayers in time of need. Courie, Leonard W. discusses how faith in religion decreased after the plague because of the deaths of so many clergy and the failure to answer prayers to prevent sickness and death (Doc 6). Not only were these the factors that lead people not to believe in god, but it was also why they lost faith in him. The plague caused people to change their religious views which effected a lot of people in medieval

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