Importance Of Music Accountability Essay

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Music Accountability
When the world was introduced to the cassette tape, we thought it was amazing. We never would’ve thought we’d be streaming music live via internet. With the help of places like iTunes, Spotify, and other things, streaming and downloading music is a daily task. But is this a completely positive fact of life?
Downloading music online has become a past-time in America. Tons and tons of teenagers do it daily. Most don 't realize the consequence for us or the artists and some don 't even care about it. Record companies have begun to step in and do something about the illegal part of this. New age technology has enabled us to both legally and illegally download music, movies, or shows off of the computer. But if CDs and DVDs don 't sell, then where will the artists get their money from? People all over the world go online to download their music. Some download for
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They don 't see the point in buying a whole CD when all they want is one song from that CD. Instead, you can buy a blank CD, go online and download what songs you want, and have them all on one disk. Amy Weiss, vice president of communications for RIAA says, “there 's a misimpression between the fact that a [blank] disk costs $1 and we charge $18, therefore CDs are overpriced." Most people can buy a decent CD around $13, but you can make your own for just as much with songs that you want and not ust a few that you want. The new age technology brought around CD burners and iPods and MP3 players. All of these things have both ruined and boosted the economy. A distribution executive for Universal Music Group stated, “now, kids identify themselves by how they consume music. 'I put it on my iPod. ' 'I take it from Kazaa. ' No kid wants to say, 'I shop at Joe 's Expensive Records and pay $16. ' ” You 'll hear teenagers all over talking about new songs they just downloaded, but lately you rarely hear about the new CD they just

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