Music Accountability: The Harmful Effects Of Downloading Music

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Music Accountability
When the world was introduced to the cassette tape, we thought it was amazing. We never would’ve thought we’d be streaming music live via internet. With the help of places like iTunes, Spotify, and other things, streaming and downloading music is a daily task. But is this a completely positive fact of life?
Downloading music online has become a past-time in America. Tons and tons of teenagers do it daily. Most don 't realize the consequence for us or the artists and some don 't even care about it. Record companies have begun to step in and do something about the illegal part of this. New age technology has enabled us to both legally and illegally download music, movies, or shows off of the computer. But if CDs and DVDs
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It 's so easy and convenient that they overlook it. It hurts more than just the record company itself, it hurts the music publisher, distributer, and the artist. Filesharing has become so convenient for everyone. Teenagers do it to get new songs on their iPod or to copy a CD for their friends. Most teens like doing it because the internet and filesharing has more versions of the songs and more varieties of songs. You can 't find half the songs you find on filesharing programs that you do on CDs in record stores. In 1999, a free filesharing software was available online called Napster. This is where all illegal music downloading got it 's hit. The RIAA soon shut it down and sued people for the downloading of songs. Napster recently opened back up but now charges for each song you download. When Napster first began, others opened soon after. Softwares were available online to download onto your computer, such as Kazaa and Morpheus. Legal downloading softwares are also available, such as Apple 's iTunes or EMusic. "This newly available, low-cost music frees us from having to download 20 copies of a song in the hope of finding the version that starts at the right point, sounds reasonably good, and doesn 't end three beats short of the true finish,” writes John J. Fried of The Philadelphia Inquirer. The illegal downloading sites come with the if factor of how well the song will turn out and what mess ups it has within it. Buying them from legal software is more legitimate in the sense that they are usually straight from the artists ' album. Record companies have never been okay with the illegal downloading. They are beginning to file lawsuits agaisnt hundreds of people. Most cases are being filed out of court for about

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