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  • Aurangzeb Characteristics

    EMPEROR AURANGZEB Aurangzeb, real name was Muḥī al-Din Muhammad was the 6TH Mughal emperor of the sub continent. He was 5th in line as an emperor. He was personable and brave. Aurangzeb moreover was a seasoned general, a good leader of his men and a moral man. He was emperor for 49 years. (1658 till 1707). He had 5 sons, Muhammad Sultan, Bahadur shah, Muhammad kam bakhsh, Muhammad Azam Shah, Muhammad Akbar. He fought his first battle as chief commander. CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY…

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  • Architecture: The Taj Mahal

    Mahal, however there is no clear evidence. In the Islamic world, during that time period, the person behind the idea was known as the designer/artist of the buildings. The Taj Mahal took 15 years to build and was completed in 1647. It is located in Agra, a city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India. (Let’s Go 176) The Taj…

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  • Life Changing Experience

    The first mentions of the words ‘Taj Mahal’ caused images of pure white marble against clear blue skies to spring to my mind. After a quick Google search of the building, I anticipated expected my trip to act as an eye opener portraying the beauty of the Taj Mahal as representative of the true love of Shah Jahan towards his wife Mumtaz. When I arrived, I was sorely mistaken. I was surrounded by clouds accompanying a light drizzle of rain, hundreds of people packed together, and street children…

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  • Dudhsagar Falls Analysis

    Dudhsagar Falls, located in Goa, is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. The fresh water cascading down the vast mountain range possesses such beautiful and mystifying qualities that many tourists believe the falls were created through supernatural elements; in reality, they are not wrong--the splendid sight was created through the involvement of Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, who all played impacting roles in keeping the people on the right path to attain dharma and moksha, the ultimate goals in…

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  • Why India Is An Underdeveloped Country

    “ India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.” India is located on the South Asian. India is next to Myanmar, where I came from.It’s a small country compared to other countries. India is one of the busiest country in the world. They have a lot of traffic, population, small villages, and cities. As a result of the huge population most of Indian people are…

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  • Fatehpur Sikri Essay

    The medieval city of Fatehpur Sikri Introduction Fatehpur Sikri is a town located in Agra, India. This complex palace was built by Mughal emperor jalal'ud-Din Muhammad Akbar son of Humayun. Fatehpur Sikri is a famous monument in India that attracts a lot of tourist from all over the world. It is located 120 miles away from the Delhi which is the capital of India. After the Mughals invaded India in the 16th century, they captured a large area of the country and ruled it for more than 300 hundred…

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  • Importance Of Azad Kashmir Essay

    Places that Prove Azad Kashmir Is a Real Life Fairy Tale Regular magnificence is unmatched. Pakistan has world most delightful spots for visit, particularly getting it done in northern ranges of Pakistan and Kashmir district. This some piece of the nation is renowned all around the globe as a result of high as can be mountains, lavish green valleys, powerful waterways, delightful lakes, and astonishing untamed life. Azad Kashmir is the Pakistani-controlled part of Kashmir, lying west of…

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  • Analysis Of Knowing History And Knowing Who We Are By David Mccullough

    In his speech, “Knowing History and Knowing Who We Are,” historian David McCullough demonstrates that it is important to learn and understand history because of its influence on present-day society. McCullough emphasizes that past generations were inexperienced and imperfect, but their improvisational character shaped destiny. Additionally, McCullough mentions the “hubris of the past”; everything that people are doing now, having now, and thinking now is the best it has ever been. Finally,…

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  • The Ideal Portrait Of The Mughal Empress Mughal Empress Nr Jahan Analysis

    The Idealized Portrait of the Mughal Empress Nur Jahan (India, Rajasthan, c. 1725-1750) was made sometime between the years 1725 and1750 in Rajasthan, India. It is a water colour paint and gold on paper. This painting shows the Mughal empress Nur Jahan in a profile view, showcasing her unnaturally large, almond shaped eyes, looking away from the viewer. Nur Jahan is nude, but covered in gold, extravagant jewels and pearls, bracelets, rings, as well as an ornate turban with a green and red…

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  • An Essay About The Movie Hugo

    Hugo is a fascinating story with lots of magnificent cinematography and set design techniques. This film is definitely a visual treat. The Eiffel Tower looked so inviting; the snow falling atop the wooden roofs and window panels of old France looks so mesmerizing. Hugo is a movie about the love of movies, crafted by a man who truly loves moviemaking, and meant for those who in turn love the art, imagination, and joy of cinema. In short: It’s a masterpiece. The Story begins in 1930’s Paris where…

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