Akbar : The Greatest Mughal Ruler? Essay

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Akbar: The Greatest Mughal Ruler? The focus of this book was to tell as complete a story as possible about the Mughal ruler Jalal ad-Din Akbar. It makes use of a variety of sources ranging from the writings of the Venetian physician Niccolao Manucci (1639-1717) to firsthand accounts from Jesuit missionaries and other advisors of his, like Abu-l-Fazl. While Akbar’s reign is fairly well documented, there is not much is known about his early years. What we do know is, Akbar was born on October 11 1542 in Umarkot. At the age of one, Akbar was separated from his parents for a couple of years and placed under the care and tutelage of his uncle Askari. While these appeared to be unhappy years for him, he was soon reunited with his parents when his father reclaimed Kabul in 1545. Akbar had only one half-brother to contend with. This was likely a blessing since his father Humayun’s rule had been bogged down by the opposition from his three brothers.
Although Akbar was well-educated and trained in many practices and trades, he remained illiterate throughout his entire life. This didn’t prove to be too detrimental to his rule, as is seen in his son’s memoirs “although he was illiterate, so much became clear to him through constant intercourse with the learned and the wise, and in his conversations with them, that no one knew him to be illiterate, and he was so acquainted with the niceties of prose and verse composition that this deficiency was not thought of.” (14)
Upon the death…

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