Osama Bin Laden Research Paper

May 2, 2011 the day that the United States finally had justice for the 9/11 bombing. The death of Osama Bin Laden, was the day that many of the families that lost their family members had peace. Obama wanted Osama captured dead or alive because of the many terrorists attacks from the Al Qaeda on U.S. soil. Osama was in hiding for five years because, he was trying to make another huge attack on the U.S. and didn 't want to get captured. Because of the trauma Osama Bin Laden did to the U.S. the President put out a bounty for Osama. The Bombing at 9/11 increased the anger of the U.S. people. Today Al Qaeda no longer had a leader to tell them where to attack next.

Everyday that passed and the CIA or FBI couldn 't find Osama scared them because they knew the inevitable was going to happen. After the bombing on the twin towers we lost 3,000 people, if we don 't stop Al Qaeda than there might be another bombing but on a larger scale. 9/11 impacted thousands of people in America, watching on T.V. while people fall out of the twin towers knowing you couldn 't do anything. The
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Or are they something bigger than that. The Al Qaeda are actually that no one can quite explain. Osama wanted to show that America wasn 't the Super Power in the World. Osama wanted to prove to the world that god 's bleed in which he proved by the attack on 9/11. I think Osama took that as an advantage, because many hated countries of America might aid Osama to take the U.S.. However many people know that America never backs down to a fight, so they went to iraq and fought back, lost many battles but still got many things accomplished. After 10 years Theseus killed the minotaur and ruined the plots for the Al Qaeda. Surprisingly the Al Qaeda had furthered their plans without Bin Laden. The SEALs recovered some intel saying that Al Qaeda is striking again on the memorial of

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