Osama Bin Laden's Plan Of Attack Essay

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Osama bin Laden’s Plan of Attack
Results in the United States Plan to Kill
“For bin Laden, Islam was more than just a religion: It shaped his political beliefs and influenced every decision he made” (History, n.d., paragraph 3). Bin Laden believed strongly in Islam, which influenced some of his most life changing decisions. Osama bin Laden planned to attack the US, because he believed that Islam still needed to seek revenge on the US for declaring war on them; his plan of attack suddenly turns into the US’s plan of attack to kill him shortly after 9/11.
Osama bin Laden was born to Mohammed bin Laden, a Yemeni millionaire immigrant, in 1957. Mohammed had a total of eleven wives before he gave birth to bin Laden; bin Laden being seventeen out of fifty- two children. Osama’s
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Him along with Abdullah Azzam, and a few others were the leaders of Al- Qaeda. Osama tended to micromanage his organization and what had become his business empire all while Al- Qaeda expanded into agriculture and manufacturing. All along the way he continued to strengthen his organization by retaining business interests and supporting political leaders, cultivating presidents, ministers and heads of government with financial supports.
Osama bin Laden put a lot of thought into the attack on the West. He moved to Sudan, “a country with a government in accord with Islamic fundamentalism” (Landau, 2002, p. 58). Sudan had the atmosphere for someone to find support for ideology as well as putting ideas to action. Bin Laden and his terrorist group, Al- Qaeda, planned to strike at US targets throughout the world. Their goal was to force the United States to withdraw from the Middle East; causing the governments to be replaced with Islamic fundamentalist regimes. Osama bin Laden had various connections with international financial institutions, while still using his own accounts to “channel money for terrorist purposes to wherever it needed to go” (Landau, 2002,

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