Effects Of How 9/11 Changed The World

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Hunter Wilson
Mrs. Laura Taylor
Advanced Composition
August 30th, 2016
How 9/11 Changed The World:
Many people were just heading to work, some even just waking up. Others doing things you would normally expect on average day such as 9/11. However this was before the unexpected struck the nation, literally. The world trade center also know as the twin towers, along with the pentagon were struck by passenger jets. Many people were in shock, as something like this had not happened to the United States in a long time. Eventually the twin towers fell killing many innocent people. As the twin towers were destroyed and the Pentagon damaged, these attacks left a scar on America. Many things have changed because of the terrorists attacks. The war that the radicals started on that
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These are just a few of the long lasting effects of 9/11 there are, however many more. Pew research center conducted an experiment on this topic. They have come to understand that at almost every American has been effected in some way. Although some feel more affected than others. (Pew Research Center, “Americans and 9/11 The Personal Toll”) Not only did the attack change Americans emotions, but many Americans feelings of patriotism as well. As George Bush said the day of the attack, “We are at war against terror. From this day forward, this is the new priority of our administration.” (134) Jake Thurman made an article on The U Post about the effects of patriotism after 9/11. The attacks on that day left many people sad and upset. So when people’s patriotism was boosted this led to many good deeds being done for other people. Although patriotism in many cases is a good thing, it can also be a bad thing. (Thurman, “How 911 Impacted Patriotism”) Airports have changed drastically. Alycia B. Taylor and Sara Steedman posted an article about airport security changes. Many more searches are now done before you are even allowed on your flight. Bags are now searched at many more checkpoints than

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