An Essay About The Movie Hugo

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Hugo is a fascinating story with lots of magnificent cinematography and set design techniques. This film is definitely a visual treat. The Eiffel Tower looked so inviting; the snow falling atop the wooden roofs and window panels of old France looks so mesmerizing. Hugo is a movie about the love of movies, crafted by a man who truly loves moviemaking, and meant for those who in turn love the art, imagination, and joy of cinema. In short: It’s a masterpiece.
The Story begins in 1930’s Paris where we are introduced to the main character of the film Hugo, the orphaned son of a clock maker, living in the walls of a train station where he fixes and maintains the many clocks that need attendance. Hugo’s dead father leaves a mystery of a strange automaton
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However, there are three main ideas of the film. The film conveys the idea of Friendship, trusting yourself and showing a little heart to get a little heart. The film conveys a message that sometimes you can’t do everything by yourself. That is when you need a friend to get through. The movie has subplots about lonely and forgotten people in and about the train section finding attention, interest, and love from a stranger. The movie beautifully conveys a message that the only way to receive that love and attention is to put yourself out there to show a little heart of your own. As a lover of machines, Hugo sees the world as one large machine with no spare parts. Everyone has a purpose. That’s how Hugo sees himself and that’s how we should see …show more content…
Hugo also pays tribute to the joy of reading. It also shows us the economic hardship and the damage that war does to a Nation. Hugo is a fantastic movie that appeals people of any age. I strongly recommend all the people to watch this movie. In short: Hugo is one of those 100 movies that you should watch before you

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