Agile Scrum Case Study

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Task 1
In this assignment for project management I am going to choose the Agile Scrum methodology to use as the main body and examples.
Agile Scrum is commonly known as it has its famous 12 principles that achieve a good success in project management. These principles I will describe below in a short description. This will hopefully illustrate whoever reading this a short understanding as I will progress to then explain why, Agile, is used to secure many great benefits to project management.
12 Principles of Agile Scrum
1. Keeping up the levels of customer satisfaction is important in the agile method. It’s a high importance to satisfy the customer throughout each delivery that is implemented, keeping them up to date after each sprint has been
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It is a set of actions which must be agreed to and be approved. It will contain the summary of the project which is the reasons why it’s being developed; this part contains questions such as – What’s the purpose of the project? How long will it take to complete? What is the budget requirement? Project background and objectives are stated and made clear; this is so these objectives are met properly. A project methodology must be chosen, for this project we would be using Agile Scrum methodology. Risks and costs towards the project are defined in the project …show more content…
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