The Manifesto For Agile Software Development Case Study

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3.1. Reread “The Manifesto for Agile Software Development” at the beginning of this chapter. Can you think of a situation in which one or more of the four
“values” could get a software team into trouble?
Manifesto for agile software development:
1. Individual and interactions over Process and Tools.
- It is the first value proposition of the manifesto. This tool should be used for capturing requirements, version control, project planning, editing, file transfer etc
2. Working software over comprehensive documentation.
- This tells about the importance of documentation, which is often lacking in projects and can cause problems.
3. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation.
- The purpose of
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(The software team manages change by focusing on a defined increment and postponing any changes until the next increment). All agile processes are iterative. If a project were completed in just one iteration it would not be agile because frequent software delivery is a key characteristic of agile development.
This iterative approach enables the customer to evaluate the software increment regularly, provide necessary feedback to the software team, and influence the process adaptations that are made to accommodate the feedback.
3.4. Could each of the agile processes be described using the generic framework activities noted in Chapter 2? Build a table that maps the generic activities into the activities defined for each agile process.
3.5. Try to come up with one more “agility principle” that would help a software engineering team become even more maneuverable.
To obtain a quality work you need to motivate your team, Set a goal which they can achieve the proper compensation for their hard work, a thing which will boost their self esteem and their motivation to work and finish the said project.
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Proper management of people is also properly managing the time allotted for the said project he team being coordinated means the faster the progress will be.
3.13. Does the 80 percent rule in DSDM and the time-boxing approach defined for
ASD achieve the same result?
Yes, In fact the time boxing method is suggested and used by many. It has been adopted by the DSDM, but should be used after the customer agrees to cut features and not quality with some situations.
3.14. Using the process pattern template presented in Chapter 2, develop a process pattern for any one of the Scrum patterns presented in Section 3.5.2.
Process pattern template for scrum pattern “communicate early”
Problem: What is the goal of a project and who are members of a team?
Context: Use of Scrum in a distributed project (faster, cheaper and quality projects) 3.15. Why is Crystal called a family of agile methods?
Defined a set of methodologist, each with core elements that are common to all, and roles, process patterns, work products and practice that are unique to each.
The name crystal is derived from the characteristics of geological crystals,

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