My Reflection On Group Work

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Reflection Paper II Throughout my college experience here in the Carroll School of Management, group work and the ability to work well with others has been emphasized greatly. This makes sense, because in a professional environment, the ability to communicate, listen and contribute within a group leads to success and the achievement of goals. However, none have gone on as long as this project, making it a more realistic example of working on a team. Junior year of college is definitely a crazy time, as we are forced to balance heavy workloads with extracurriculars and recruiting. This made it tough for our group to have the consistent weekly meetings we envisioned because it was hard to find a meeting time that fit everyone’s schedule. To combat this, we created shared online google documents to complete the powerpoint presentation and paper. This made it more efficient because whenever a group member had time, he or she could work on the project. While this virtual environment made it somewhat …show more content…
For me, it’s not easy working with others because I like to take ownership of my work. It was a great experience to see the importance of the synergies that were created, as effective division of work and proper communication made a very big project manageable. Also, completely reading the instructions is an important lesson the we learned and can take anywhere. While we were confident about our material in the presentation, we didn’t follow the guidelines well, which hurt us. Trust is a huge part about working in groups, and I gained this trust through interaction with my team members, as well as success early on in the project. While we constantly had conflicts in the group, they were functional conflicts that proved healthy and constructive for providing new types of solutions for our project on McDonald’s. Overall, this was a great experience for me as I learned a lot about myself in this

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