Instructional Design Reflection

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In instructional design, evaluation of and reflection on product and process is critical. As an instructional designer, I must continue to reflect on my skills and growth as I reflect on my work. My graduate work continues my scholarship of teaching and learning that I started in my undergraduate work. As I learn how to teach, I also learn how to learn, making me a better instructor.
From “A” to “E” of Instructional Design, and Everything In-between

I came into the program with the goal of familiarizing myself with new techniques and technologies. I was not disappointed. The many papers and projects I completed helped me see all aspects of instructional design in a new light while honing my writing and thinking.

Every class required me to communicate in some form or another. An essential characteristic for an instructional designer is communicating effectively. I need to be able to communicate to my team and to stakeholders, but I also need to learn how the user communicates. As I absorb the user’s goals, I use the technology I learned from this program and my experience at work to generate interventions.
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In the program, if I was not writing a proposal like in 590 or 706, I was providing peer review. Sometimes I recorded video to explain to my audience a new model and in other cases, I led a synchronous web conference. In our capstone class, I worked on a team of six to develop a learning application for a real-life client. Each class provided new perspective and skills in communication and

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