EDU 645 Week 1 Assignment Analysis

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This assignment re-introduces us to the framework of 21st Century Skills. MAED program learning outcomes’ or student outcome expectations are as follows. The MAED graduate designs appropriate and challenging learning experiences informed by analysis of how learners develop individually across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical patterns to promote student learning and growth. The MAED graduate employs differentiated instructional practices aligned with learner strengths and differences, diverse cultures a diverse community to promote student learning in a safe, collaboratively, engaging, inclusive, 21st century learning environment. The MAED graduate designs a variety of evidence-based assessments used for ongoing evaluation of student progress and to guide teacher and learner decision-making. (Masters of Arts in Education Program Learning Outcomes, 2014). I plan to redesign week #3 assignment in EDU 645. This was an instructional plan design …show more content…
I had a little trouble in redesigning the lesson plan since I had little understanding of what was required but I hope I did it correctly. I have included in the new lesson plan opportunities for students to become globally aware and live within the capabilities of the digital world (Burnaford & Brown, 2014, p.2.3).”
Even with the difficulties in redesigning the lesson plan I believe it will now equip the students with the needs 21st century skills. One thing I realized is that students must not only prepare for future work and education, but also for their civic role in the world around. Each one of these components – school, career and life - is equally significant to shaping a student’s successful future (Burnaford & Brown, 2014, p.2.3). I have also learned that preparing students for 21st century learning and citizenship is a team effort.

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