Argumentative Essay: Flaws Of The Education System

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Argumentative Essay: Flaws of the Education System There are inherent flaws within the education system which we use today pushes students far beyond their limits and it lacks emphasis on practical skill. Schools create a needlessly high stress environment basing their future upon numbers and grades rather than teaching and refining their practical skills. Lots of potential is flushed out of the curriculum due to college and high schools insisting that students must be able to juggle advance courses, maintain high unweighted GPAs, and participate in extracurricular activities in order to succeed in the future; hence, repairing and recognizing the inherent flaws of the education system is crucial to ensure that students earn the future that …show more content…
First of all, the problem isn’t that high schools and colleges set standards, it’s how they measure success; furthermore, according to Anjila Bista in her essay The High School Education System And Its Flaws, education has an obsession of a student’s ability to juggle extra curricular activities while being able to maintain and high grades and college level courses, and that numbers such as their GPA and test scores depends whether or not they are going to achieve a better education. “Why are these standards bad?” Because they require a student to pour every single hour of their day, dedicating themselves to achieving a high GPA and ensuring success and this is all they’re doing. There is no creativity, it’s mechanical, it’s overbearing, and the fact their future depends on a few numbers that is so glorified in today’s education system. This is completely unfair as the stated before, a test to determines one’s worth is ridiculous and does not give equal opportunities to prove their worth. Not only that, the expectation to over achieve slowly drains all of the free time a college level student has, free time that can be used to spend time with family, exercise, work, all of which is gone because of the overbearing expectation they must rise to. These standards also have other effects which is the extremely stressful environment that students have to work with. With their test, extracurriculars, and the fear of failure pressing against them, students face a copious amount of problems which face them. Studies have shown that suicide rates in college have been steadily climbing and that depression and anxiety are the most diagnosed mental health conditions according to the New York Times article Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection; incidentally, this is credited the the environment they are exposed to. According to Michele Borba

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