Essay On Classroom Makeover

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Aimy Bartumeut

In Cathy Davidson’s Project Classroom Makeover, she shows us the leaps in progress that the American educational system has gone through in these past few centuries. But in showing us the past, Davidson also shows us the errors we are making as a society in the present system we have in place. You see, Americans have always been a fast-paced society. We have always wanted to do more, become better, become smarter. But the American school system seems to be becoming stagnant or even declining in spite of that. I can support that with the fact that “education is still based on the outdated model of college prep that prepares students for middle management and factory jobs that… no longer exist.” (60) Not to mention the fact that
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Once presented with a challenge or a goal, a student will go above and beyond to achieve success. “Kids want to learn and propel themselves to all kinds of learning,” (67) but are restricted when all they are taught is what is going to be in our next multiple choice test. It’s becoming more and more obvious to everyone that the curriculum currently in place is holding back student potential, more so hindering than helping. This becomes even more obvious when schools cut creative programs, such as the arts, to continue their dull, narrow focus on reading, writing, and math test scores. It’s true that our students need to be literate in math, writing, and reading, but what administrators keeping forgetting is that these students need to become able to grow and function in the real world, or even just college, where the testing shown in high school becomes null. Students should grow with character, motivation, and responsibility and most all student should be able to yearn to learn more outside of the insufficiently standardized testing piled on top of them. We need to move forward into a new future in an education because it has become obvious that the teaching of the past has not been

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