Personal Dimensions Of Learning

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When I first began this class I thought that this would be just another introductory class that is required to orient you to the expectations of the particular college. Now, after completing this class, I know that this is not the case. Personal Dimensions of Learning has been a great help, not only to my school work, but also in my daily life. Before taking this class, I thought that learning, and completing daily tasks, were mostly memorizing the order of the way things are supposed to be done and just completing the task. I never liked this strategy, but it always seemed to be the most convenient way to get things done at school, home, and work. Now I know that I can transition between different learning patterns to suit whatever task that …show more content…
I now have a better understanding of the ways that I am hardwired to learn, and how to manage my learning patterns in a manner which would allow me to get so much more out of the material. As my knowledge of learning has progressed throughout the class, so have my study habits. I have always been somewhat haphazard in my study habits. I would study or do homework whenever I felt like it. I would attempt to complete a whole assignment in one sitting without actually understanding the material, nor would I take time to reflect on past assignments and lessons learned and apply that knowledge. I have now began to do my school work on a schedule which I created. Before, it always seemed like my school work would sneak up on me and I would go days without studying. Now I have set aside a specific time in the evening, after my family has gone to bed and the house is quiet. In order to make this change in my life, I had to use the FIT method to create the right learning pattern combination. I had to forge my sequence pattern. It is my lowest score, and though my score is in the use first ranking, I always avoid this pattern. I had to create a routine. I used precision to do this by observing and outlining my new routine, which would include allotted study time. I then intensified my sequence pattern by setting reminders and alarms on my computer and phone which would remind me that it was time to study. I try to complete my reading the first few nights, and then take my chapter quiz during my lunch break at work. This schedule has proven successful for me. I was able to forge my sequence pattern, and intensify it by tethering the precision pattern in order to create a detailed schedule for my day to day duties. This proved useful by putting measures in place to keep me on track. I will continue to improve my ability to use the sequence pattern in the future. This has

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