Attending High School

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People think that attending high school is a piece of cake, that if your present then everything will be fine, this wasn’t the case for me. I don’t accept the bare minimum for anything unlike some people. The obstacle that I’ve encountered throughout my high school career is never having enough time and constantly stressing about getting everything completed. My daily routine consists of getting ready, going to school, staying after for a club meeting and then heading straight to work or community service, eating dinner, and then starting my homework late at night. I didn’t manage my time wisely, I’d cram so much into one day that I’d stress myself out to the max, so when it was finally time to sit down and complete homework I’d spend more …show more content…
The two techniques that I had adopted was the monthly calendar and the next actions lists. With the monthly calendar I’m able to know what I have planned for that month, when assignments are due, and when tests are so I can plan accordingly. Then with this I also use a weekly planner in order to plan more effectively and ensure that there’s no wasted time within my day. For example, I started using the monthly calendar and weekly planner mainly for school, work, and community service. The monthly calendar lets me know dates of events like family gatherings or community service activities, work schedule, and when assignments are due or when tests are. The weekly planner helps me organize and plan more effectively for example, if I work saturday and sunday and I know I have a test coming up that monday I will pick a date about a week ahead of time to start studying for the test. This is a way to guarantee that I’ll be fully prepared for the test because I would have learned the material instead of just memorizing it the night before. Results have shown that students that tend to wait last minute on studying for tests do worst than those that start studying a couple days or even a week before the test. On top of this I use the next actions list which lists everything from high priority to low. With this I complete tasks that are due sooner than others. For example, if I have a journal due in three days in my CAY 101 course and vocabulary due in english the next day I will complete the vocabulary first. The monthly calendar, weekly planner, and next actions lists has helped me significantly in prioritizing all of my responsibilities and decrease the amount of stress in my

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