Bruce Tuckman's Model Of Teamwork

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Through doing the Team Final Project exercise, I gained many insights about interdisciplinary/ cross-functional teams, the most importing being that this was a valuable learning opportunity. I learned how to work with people whom I have never met before or interacted with in person. I learned more about how businesses are run. I learned about different organizational structures such as the matrix structure.
Working on this project helped me understand how Bruce Tuckman’s Team-Development model is applied to real life situations. Tuckman’s model is also known as the Forming Storming Norming Performing theory, and explains as a team develops and matures, relationships between members get established and the leader changes leadership style (Tuckman,
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First, what worked well was how our group integrated our individual skills together to complete the project. When we introduced ourselves and what our concentrations were, it was easy to determine what roles and responsibilities we would take on. We worked individually on our tasks before meeting together and integrating everything into the final product.
The problems that arose primarily concerned communication and scheduling group meetings. At first, communication between team members was primarily through email, which proved to be inconsistent. After creating a google doc for the Food for Thought worksheet, we used the application’s messaging system, which proved to be more consistent. Then we exchanged Skype contact information, and that method proved to be the most consistent and effective.
Scheduling group meetings over Skype proved to be a challenge due to the vast differences in each team member’s individual schedule. Not all members could meet at the same time for a meeting. As a solution, team members who could not attend the meeting would email the team leader, Christopher, their work. After the meeting, he then met with them at a different time to discuss the meeting and make sure they understood what was going
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I would be more proactive and initiate communication amongst the team. I both post in the discussion board and then email every member with my contact information along with a Google Doc of the assignment. To minimize the challenges of scheduling meetings, I would also tell everyone the times I am available to meet during the initial contact and ask everyone to do the same. This way we can decide early on what our schedule as a team is and plan our meetings accordingly. Though this assignment was not without its challenges, it was a valuable learning experience that I would look forward to doing again in the

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