An Analysis Of The Three Days In Genesis 1

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In preparation for this assignment I talked with several people, asking them the interview questions, I will address the answers of four of the people I talked with. Each question is listed below with a summary of the answers following.
How long are the days in Genesis 1? Why?
Three of the four persons basically said the exact time is unknown. The fourth said a day was from sun up to sun down no hours were specified.
How old is the Earth and life? Why?
One person said about 6,000 years, two stated it was unknowable, and one stated millions or billions of years, “science has proven that!”
Did man and apes share a common ancestor? Why or why not?
Three of the four indicated God is the creator of both, with two indicating it was possible for a
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A plain reading of the scripture does not suggest anything other than a normal day. The Hebrew word for day (Yom) is well researched, the usage in the context of Genesis 1 does not indicate anything other than a normal day . This, to me, is the most compelling evidence for a day being a day, roughly 24 hours. Another good point is in reference to the idea of a day being a thousand years. Following the order of creation this would require plants to live 1,000 years before the sun was created as well as endure 500 years of night . These two reasons are not the only reasons to understand the days of creation as normal days, I do believe they are the most compelling and logical …show more content…
However it is obvious from the small sampling of people I spoke with, all of which profess a belief in God, evolutionist have done well in confusing the issue and leading Christians astray. To doubt Genesis 1 is, at the very least, to question the whole of scripture. What seems clear is the evolutionist position has an advantage in the education centers of the world. They have been allowed to present their inclusive and often false evidence a fact. They may use the word theory, but in practice their ideas are taught as fact. When new evidence contradicts former evidence an adjustment is made to the theory without openly acknowledging the mistake. The revision is, once again, simply presented as an indisputable fact. This is done while calling into question the intelligence of creationist, implying belief in God is somehow indulging in a fantasy. An example of this is the issue with High School Biology teacher Roger DeHart. The video “Icons of Evolution” tells the story of how evolutionist rallied against Mr. Dehart when he failed to present their theory as unquestioned fact. Mr. DeHart was not allowed to teach biology for simply encouraging his students not to blindly accept everything they are taught. The creationist position must follow the framework outlined in scripture, it cannot be altered to accommodate opinion or new evidence. The evolutionist position is continually modified as new

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