The Importance Of Creation Vs. Evolution

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Though their decision ultimately relies on faith many creationist/evolutionist support their

beliefs with facts. There are billions of people in the world which means billions of opinions and

motives. Considering this it is very hard to find the truth about anything much less an argument which

so many people feel so strongly about. All this results more times then not, in false evidence or

evidence which was tainted by an emotion. Finding the truth to whether the earth was created or

evolved is very important to every human because it is the foundation on which you base your whole


Both creationist and evolutionist are wrong in several areas. Evolutionist for example try to use

whale evolution as a model for evolution
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The fruit fly for example can have a

mutation called antennapedia in which legs grow where the antenna should. Though this is not useful

for the fruit fly it shows that mutations can make a creator more complex.

The creation vs. evolution debate does not consist only of invalid evidence. Each has evidence

which makes it appear credible.

One of the pure evidences for creation is various facts supporting the young earth idea. The

erosion from nature would have ran the sea levels dry after 15 million years. Plus the magnetic field

has been decaying at 2.7 % over the past 1000 years which would make it impossible for the earth to be

over 10,000 years old. All natural elements produce helium. It would take less then 2 million years to

produce the amount of helium that we have not 3 billion.

The best evidence for evolution is the similarities in bone structure. Humans bats and birds all

have similar bones I their arms/wings. Though used in different uses. Humans use their arms for typing,

throwing objects and lifting elements. Birds and bats use their wings for flying. Though they are used

in different ways the bones vary slightly in shape. This may show a common ancestor which
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Evolution is not a fact far from it. Evolution is a plausible theory which should be

researched by all. The creation and evolution argument should be debated and researched and taught as

such in all schools. Each needs a certain amount of faith in order to believe in them so each needs to be

examined by every human and every human has to decide which they believe.

Creation is not fact. Creation has scientific evidence which supports it but it is not observable

and testable which would make it fact. Creation though has stronger evidence then evolution

scientifically in some areas but the fact that if you are a creationist you also believe in a creator is not

the most scientifically credible evidence for some people. Because for it to be fact it has to be

observable and testable which God can be or can not be depending on who you ask. It all comes down

to whether you believe that it would be more believable that the earth and all that dwells on the earth

came about by creation and decide to believe that God is the key to this argument. Believing in God

makes all the evidence for creation make sense to creationist. But to evolutionist who do not believe

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