Ripple Effects Of Social Darwinism

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Ripple Effects of Darwinism
Time periods in history have directly or indirectly effect science and society. Because of the Enlightenment period science and their scientist to be able to research those topics that did not go along with the church and their beliefs. (Bowles & Kaplan, 2013, p. 136) One topic that was addressed was evolution. Evolution has had a huge influence on today in all field including Christianity. The debate on whether man was created or whether we evolved from animal is still a debate that occurs even today. However during the time of Charles Darwin it was a shock and was “welcomed by atheists and feared by theists”. (Bergman, 2001) Social Darwinism also took flight which believed that humans struggled for existence and
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There is a separation from science and religion when they should go hand in hand. Evolutionist, however understand that the conflict between evolution and creation is there but they look for the concrete evidence of why. Darwinism and Christianity are the two sides of the argument and those that have accepted Darwinism have made them no longer believe in creation. This new way of thinking impacted Christianity and their morals within society. For those that thought that the Bible’s account of creation in Genesis was incorrect started to inquire about the remaining part of the Bible and if it was all incorrect. (Bergman, …show more content…
Social Darwinism was used by social reformers to be able to have a larger position in government and was known as Darwinists. They urged the need of establishments and development of knowledge for the changing world. They even used evolution to explain the increasing beliefs of equality of the lack there of. They believed that particular race and wealthier groups were above other people and were eugenics, or well-born. They wanted to restrict marriage and reproducing to those of the race and those that are criminals or mentally ill would not be able to at all. (Bannister,

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