Modern Day Theory Of Evolution Essay

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The modern day theory of evolution was created over many centuries of research by many different scientists, it has been changed and rewritten multiple different times up until now, but there may be even more changes in the future. All living organisms on Earth have a common ancestor known as the LUCA or Last Universal Common Ancestor. The LUCA lived around 3.8 billion years ago, although a study done in the last two years has found evidence of biotic life existing 4.1 billion years ago. Sexual reproduction plays a huge role in evolution, because the genetic diversity helps speed up the process of gene mutation and adaptation. Evolution has been a controversial topic for centuries. There are two sides to every controversy, the other side of evolution is the concept of creationism. Creationism is basically the idea that a God or some form of Deity created Earth and the universe. Which evolution disproves that idea, I personally believe that they could be the same thing. I believe this because in the Christian Bible it was said the creation of the Earth was completed in 7 days, the visions of the creation of Earth …show more content…
Charles Darwin’s developed a theory of Pangenesis, while similar to prior theories of Lamarckism, it has slight differences. While the differences might be subtle they are big enough of differences to classify them as different theories. The theory of Lamarckism states that we evolve from experiences in our lifetimes, and that those traits are carried onto our offspring, this idea is otherwise known as Soft Inheritance. For example, say a weightlifter built his muscle mass throughout his life, then the chances of the child having increased muscle mass would be more likely. While Lamarckism has been disproven by Gregor Mendel’s plant experiments, it was the basis for evolution theories for many

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