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  • Vinamilk Case Study

    The system of processing and packaging factories: The approved materials are processed in the system of 13 factories generating over 200 different products including powdered milk, nutrition powder, condensed milk, beverages, yoghurt, icecream, cheese, soy milk, etc. Specialized packaging with special designs keeps the products always fresh, maintains their natural flavor and safety. The material supply chain and the farm system: 110,000 cows from the system of 7 dairy farms and the farming…

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  • Dell's Case Study: Dell Inc.

    a traditional company By eliminating the intermediary steps and creating a direct relationship with its customers, Dell is able to substantially reduce the cost of business processes and lower the cost of customers and suppliers. In addition, Dell also uses the differentiation strategy to cope with the rivalry of competitors. Unlike its competitors, Dell’s built to order model allows customization based on specification of each client’s needs. As Michael Dell has stated, this direct…

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  • Enterprise Resource Planning System

    companies to make those faster and smarter decisions. Specifically, the system gives individuals a global view of data, improves financial compliance, automates business operations, and enhances customer service. One of the central features of all ERP systems is they share a database that supports multiple functions used by different business…

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  • Suguna Case Study

    throughout 1989 - ninety, once chicken costs crashed thanks to AN over-supply of birds within the native market, Suguna saw a chance for business growth by serving to the poultry farmers UN agency had bought feed and medicines on credit and will not clear their dues. to assist them recover their cash, these visionaries began to produce feed and health support to indebted farmers reciprocally…

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  • Hotel Management System Case Study

    availability and uptime of routers, switches and other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) -enabled devices.  Intelligent notifications - alerts that can be configure so that there is a response to a specific network scenarios through a page, e-mail, call or text in a network administrator. 2.4 PROTOCOLS AND STANDARDS A network protocol is a set of formats and conventions for data transmission or in other words a standardized set of rules and conventions which all devices have to comply…

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