Suguna Case Study


SUGUNA FOODS LTD is engaged in producing bearing and connected elements, that square measure utilized in the vary of applications across industries. The company services numerous industries from agricultural machinery.
A study on inventory management at “SUGUNA FOODS LTD, BANGALORE”. Stocks square measure regulated with in pre-determined limits set in accordance in inventory policy established by the manager.
Inventory management is that the major a part of any producing industries. To adopt numerous methods and policies in inventory, project appraisal system needs to the upgraded.
The objective of study is to seek out the inventory usage and position in SUGUNA FOODS LTD and additionally to spot the varied causes of inventory
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throughout 1989 - ninety, once chicken costs crashed thanks to AN over-supply of birds within the native market, Suguna saw a chance for business growth by serving to the poultry farmers UN agency had bought feed and medicines on credit and will not clear their dues. to assist them recover their cash, these visionaries began to produce feed and health support to indebted farmers reciprocally for the tip product - eggs. The success of this exercise gave birth to the Suguna Integration Model. The poultry integration model has set a win-win scenario for each the farmers and therefore the measuring device. Farmers are supplied with stale chicks, feed and health support. Performance is monitored on a routine with Suguna field workers visiting the farems to see on the health of the birds, feed intake, growth and mortality levels. In six week time, the birds aree weighed and aree able to be sold by Suguna. Faremers aree paid a handsome growing charege for the birds at the tip of this …show more content…
The enterprise applications suite is provided by a world softwaree package merchandiser United Nations agency additionally manages the automation of different key business processes.
Suguna’s vision and focus has forever helped leverage info technology and reap extended productivity by streamlining method. The timely implementation of the ERP system supports all current and future growth needs. info systems extends across the network of company, regional, branch offices as well as medico and stock faremer poultry farems, hatcheries, broiler farems, feed mills and transportation centres.
Researech and Development (R&D) Suguna includes a sturdy analysis & Development division comprising in-house and on-field trial units. the most focus of this division is to bring out the most effective performance within the broiler, broiler stock faremer and layer birds with explicit concentrate on up feed conversion magnitude relation (FCR). Feed conversion ratios are aimed for AN optimum economic feeding regime and developing acceptable & pre-eminent management practices from time to time. The division has got to its credit the action of distinctive and standaredizing smaret management practices for birds in India’s tropical weather

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