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Subway restaurant chain, the world's largest submarine sandwich franchise, has named C.H. Robinson Worldwide as its "Supply Chain Partner of the Year." eTrucker reported. Selected out of 115 supply chain providers in North America, C.H. Robinson was recognized for its outstanding support in supply chain management.

"In 2004, Subway franchises and C.H. Robinson formed a strategic alliance that has produced benefits far greater than initially anticipated," says Jan Risi, the president of Subway's independent purchasing cooperative. "C.H. Robinson assisted us with the development and implementation of our two-phase managed freight solution, our transportation Center and our portfolio freight bidding. This has resulted in the identification and realization of millions of dollars in documented savings and cost avoidance for Subway franchisees."

C.H. Robinson's Transportation Management Center (TMC), a division of C.H. Robinson helps Subway franchises to better manage their freight costs through greater visibility into Subway's franchise supply chain
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(DAI) is the headquarters for the SUBWAY® chain and employs over 600 people at the Milford, Connecticut |
|] |headquarters. |

|[pic|What is the initial investment in the setting up of a SUBWAY® outlet in Australia |
|] | |
|[pic|The initial investment ranges from $204,500.00 to $352,550.00 AUD (exclusive of GST, other taxes, stamp duty or key money) for a |
|] |traditional location. If you are purchasing a franchise for another location opportunity such as a non-traditional location, then|
| |your investment may vary and your capital costs could be substantially lower than a traditional loation. |

|[pic|What other support does the company offer its franchisees?

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