Oracle Case Study

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Oracle was founded in 1977 as Software Development Laboratories by Lawrence (Larry) Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates. Oracle Version 1 was written, but was never officially released. In 1979, Oracle Version 2 was release as the first commercial SQL relational database management system (RDBMS). Also in 1979, Software Development Laboratories changed its name to Relational Software Inc. (RSI). The 1980s was a busy decade for Oracle. In 1982, RSI was renamed Oracle Systems and hosted its first user conference in San Francisco, California. Oracle Version 3 was released in 1983, and was the first RDBMS to run on mainframes, microcomputers, and PCs, which allowed the software to be used in almost any enterprise environment. Oracle
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Ellison as the Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Jeffrey O. Henley as the Vice Chairman of the Board, and Safra A Catz and Mark Hurd as the Chief Executive Officers, Oracle was founded in Santa Clara, California, but was relocated to Redwood Shores, California in 1989. Oracle offers many products and services, such as Oracle Cloud, Oracle Database, Engineered Systems, Java, Enterprise Management, to name a few. Oracle is traded on the NYSE under the code ORC. With a volume of 21,559,081 shares, the 52-week high is $46.71 and the 52-week low is $35.14. (Oracle Corporation, 2015) In the fourth quarter for fiscal year 2015, total revenues were down 5% to $10.7 billion, but would have been up 3% without the strengthening of the U.S. dollar. For fiscal year 2015, total revenues were unchanged at $38.2 billion, but up 4% in constant currency. (Oracle Corporation, 2015) Oracle’s top 3 competitors are International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Microsoft Corporation, and SAP SE. (Hoovers, …show more content…
Oracle has many of the same cybersecurity requirements as any other corporation. Sensitive information of employees, customers, and the company itself must all be kept safe. This includes plans for upcoming acquisitions, programs that are being developed, and other trade secrets. Oracle’s network infrastructure must be kept save from attacks to allow the network to function properly. This can be accomplished by using firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection systems, strong encryption, and good security

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