Fda Case Study

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1.1 Background
The mission of the FDA Office of Financial Management (OFM), Division of Financial System Support (DFSS) is to coordinate the management of FDA’s financial system of record Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) with Health and Human Services (HHS) and the other HHS Operating Divisions (OpDivs) who currently use UFMS. UFMS is the HHS department wide financial system of record. The HHS Financial Enterprise System Management (FESM) organization is responsible for managing the global UFMS. DFSS ensures that the functionalities within UFMS meets FDA’s business needs and processes, any changes proposed by other OpDivs or HHS are communicated to our end users and that it does not break our internal financial business processes.
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• Serves as the liaison to FDA end users regarding issues involving UFMS, FBIS, PMIS, PRISM interface to UFMS, UFMS interface to Treasury, User Fee System interface to UFMS, Central Contractor Registry, and Concur Travel interfaces and transactions.
• Represents the FDA to the UFMS PMO and DSOM for all matters affecting FDA financial systems and associated business process and policy.
• Supports the Office of Finance in validating FDA application/database upgrades of UFMS and PRISM applications.
• Represents the FDA OFM on UFMS issues within the Department of Health and Human Services.
• DFSS also oversees daily operational status of FDA’s financial reporting system (FBIS). DFSS members work on identifying reporting needs, creating ad hoc reports and working closely with end-users. Currently, UFMS is the primary source of data for FBIS. DFSS manages the following areas related to the FBIS application:

o Defines, creates and validates reports in FBIS o Identifies data elements required to generate reports within FBIS o Tests and validates report data after changes have been made to the
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This software is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications. The current version in use is 12.2.6. In addition to Oracle Federal Financials, UFMS includes extension tables, reporting tools, and interfaces to other financial systems that are used globally by the Department and specifically by certain OPDIVs. UFMS is currently hosted in the Oracle Federal cloud as of December 2015. Further detail on the technical environment is provided in Attachment A: UFMS Functional Architecture, Attachment B: Global UFMS Application Interfaces, Attachment C: UFMS Tools. While Attachment B identifies the global interfaces, Figure 1 provides the FDA specific

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