Total internal reflection

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  • Ray Of Light Compared To The Interface Between Two Mediums

    A ray of light travels in a straight line. This is true until it passes from one medium (eg. air) into another medium (eg. glass) of a different optical density. When this happens, the ray of light changes speed causing it to bend either towards or away from the normal which is an imaginary line at 90 to the interface between two mediums. This is called refraction. How much it bends depends on the refractive indices of the two mediums which is a ratio of the speed of light in one medium compared with the second. For example the refractive index (n) of crown glass can be calculated as it passes from air into crown glass Total internal reflection occurs when the refractive index of the first medium is more than that of the second. The angle of incidence is the angle that a ray of light hits an interface between two mediums relative to the normal. As this angle becomes greater, less of the light is refracted and more of it is reflected until an angle of incidence is reached where the angle of refraction (angle of ray in second medium relative to the normal) equals 90. This angle of incidence is called the critical angle.…

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  • The Importance Of Fiber Optic Cables

    basic fiber optic will be made of: • An inner cylinder shaped object that consists of a high refraction medium, commonly known as the ‘Core’. Here in the core is where light begins to travel and refract when sending data across. • A middle cylinder that surrounds the inner part of the cable (Cladding). This is one of the layers of materials that have a lower refractive index. By being in contact with the core which has a higher refractive index, the cladding causes light to be confined to the…

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  • Optical Sensors Essay

    In today’s world sensors especially optical sensors have many emerging applications beginning from the medical diagnostics to detect the pollution in the environment. Because of these wide range of applications the challenges faced to design, proper functioning and maintenance of an optical sensor requires immense knowledge of optical, material, and environmental properties that could affect sensor performance in all aspects. The wavelength range of the laser, interactions between the signal…

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  • The Importance Of Reflection In Nursing

    Reflecting on an issue or situation is taking serious thought and consideration of what happened and how one could behave differently or respond differently. So simply, reflection is the ability to turn a negative into a positive. This is incredibly important in nursing practice as when we make a mistake, learn a different technique or a situation happens that we feel we could have handled better, reflection allows us to look back where we went wrong and how we could correct ourselves in the…

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  • Successful Teaching Research Paper

    In this reading, Connell makes reference to the “Scholar-teacher model” which includes being able to “meet new situations” and someone “has the potential for development”. The ability to meet new situations comes from being able to reflect effectively and to consider what has worked previously in order to overcome potentially difficult and new situations. Being able to develop yourself in practice is also a key part of reflection as having potential for development is parallel to the continuous…

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  • Reflection On Relational Connection And Self-Congruence

    week during the family counselling portion of the course. Even though relationship building is one of the first lessons in counselling courses, for me, it has been the topic of many reflections. I have realized that perhaps these questions and uncertainties were related to not having found my counsellor style. Or, perhaps they were due to my natural inclination to play the role of an expert or leader as I do in my personal life. Having a self-congruent style was one of my goal during these…

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  • Reflection On Positivity In The Classroom

    part be due to the belief that reflection and learning are intrinsically linked. Boud et al. (1985) summarise this link and write that “reflection is an important human activity in which people recapture their experience, think about it, mull it over and evaluate it. It is this working with experience that is important in learning”. I believe that the daily, weekly, and termly opportunities to implement change based on past experience that teaching offers is the reason that it lends itself so…

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  • Museum Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    Described as universal feelings of sadness, and the need to give sufficient time or attention to painful emotions. Sorrow can be misunderstood and thus unresolved. Art can be used to further understand or reflect in a gentle way. this function brought up somber feelings and reflection during group discussion. Participants spoke of paintings containing a heaviness or sadness. After sorrow comes rebalance. Rebalance is referred to as “art putting one in a good mood.” For elders engaging in…

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  • Reflective Reflection In Health And Social Care

    standards are in place using reports Francis Report Reflection is the personal exploration of your own thoughts and actions; it is about thinking things over, which will often reveal anxieties, errors and weakness as well as strengths and successes (Boyd and Fales 1983, p19) Reflection plays an important act in which people recall their experience 's, absorb information to ponder over & figure out how to improve it (Boud, D, Keogh, R & Walker, D, 1985 Reflection: Turning Experience into…

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  • Strong Subject Knowledge In Education

    requirements. Reflective evaluation is an important aspect of developing professionally as a teacher. In order to develop continuously it is crucial to reflect and evaluate on a regular basis. Reflection has been identified as central to growth in practice allowing practitioners to reflect on experiences and take control of their own teaching and learning. Dewey, (1933, p.118) described reflective thinking as, “active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of…

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