Oracle Application Server

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  • Internal Competitive And Macroeconomic Analysis

    Oracle Corporation Independent Oracle Consultant Conducted internal competitive and macroeconomic analysis for my own business model to identify potential market penetration opportunities to grow across the borders. At the same time, I managed my finances, time-sheets and operations. Executed Go-to-Market for social media, marketing, and public relation; in this process, came up with a strategic plan to integrate Oracle certified training into my Consulting to provide my clients with better consulting experience. As a founder and proprietor, I managed client-accounts and business-partnerships with well over 20 overseas and domestic industry players, Oracle business process teams and their service partners. Oracle Corporation received approximately…

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  • Wisdom In Socrates's Apology

    of all the land. This is of course in response to when the Oracle of Delphi addresses the fact that Socrates is the wisest of the entire known world.…

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  • The Concept Of Client Server Model In Distributed Computing

    Client Server model in Distributed Computing Nallagatla Manikanta 13116045 Distributed Computing: Distributed computing is a field of computer science that studies distributed systems. A distributed system is a software system in which components located on networked computers communicate and coordinate their actions by passing messages. The components interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal. Distributed computing is a model in which components of a software system are…

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  • Dreams, Visions, And Oracles In Homer's Odyssey

    Dreams, visions, and oracles have not always been the most reliable sources of information, yet time and time again it is these materials that have been used in order to understand the world and it’s relationship the humanity. All of these mystical sources of information have had a very heavy influence on how people of past civilizations have approached the events in their lives, and as such these sources have also become important tools used to interpret historical knowledge, for they provide…

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  • Characteristics Of Creating An Oracle Database

    When creating an Oracle database one must consider what type of performance and needs you will need to keep your Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment operating at peak instances. When an Oracle database spans across multiple instances on different servers with shared data files. When the database spans across several hardware systems but it will appear as a single combined database within the application. Real Application Cluster allows the commodity to be utilized in way that they could…

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  • Oedipus Rex Monologue

    the full truth of what has happened. Therefore, I have decided to take it upon myself to write to you and tell my tale of woe and offer what little defense of my actions that can be made. Not long ago you came to me in supplication, wishing that I would try my best to end the evil plague that spread across the fair city of Thebes. At that time, it was revealed by the Oracle of Delphi that the gods had sent the plague as punishment because we had not brought to justice…

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  • Microcomputers Case Study

    It is a multiprocessing system capable to support up to 200 simultaneous users. Minicomputers stand-alone computers and are smaller in size than mainframes and bigger than the microcomputers. (Anon., 2014) Types & Description Models Functions Support Multiprocessing? Environment to Used Mid-range servers Medium-sized computer that can handle large scale processing of Business and Scientific applications. (Bytes notes, 2013) ADM Opteron Servers • Multi-gigabytes of RAM and multi-terabytes of…

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  • The Impact Of Information Technologies On Preschool Child Development

    Do preschool aged children benefit or are they hindered from the use of computers at school? This question is answered in the article “The Impact of Information Technologies on Preschool Child Development.” By, Svetlana Andelic, Zoran Cekerevac and Nikola Dragovic. The research conducted for this article takes an in depth look at how computer use affects children pedagogically, psychologically, sociologically and medically. Information technologies particularly computers and computer like…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Internet Security

    Internet, one of the greatest inventions in the 1970s, originally came from a communication system developed by the United States during the Cold War. As technology has improved, the network system has grown rapidly. From the beginning of military communication system to now which everything is possible through Internet. Based on the record of the company Internet Live Stats, the number of the Internet users had grown from three hundred and sixty million in 2000 to three billion in 2014. More…

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  • Why Do Companies Use Internet Cookies

    This site defines cookies and some of the ways they are used. The site states, "a ‘cookie’ is a small text file placed on your local computer sent by a web server so that your data can later be read back from that website." This file will tell the Internet information specific to the user’s computer, and if the user ever visits that site again. The video, on the referenced site, goes on to explain in more detail the different areas where a cookie can be used. Some of the things that can be done…

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